36lb 6oz mirror stalked from the margins

This 36lb 6oz was stalked from the margins of an Oxfordshire gravel pit by Duncan Arrandale.

After failing to snare one of the lake’s residents during the day, the Evesham-based Wychwood and Mistral Baits consultant was about to set up camp for the night when he spotted another group of carp moving along the margin to his right.

“I put out a few handfuls of FM boilies and when the fish started to feed on them I quickly grabbed a rod and put a Coconut Ice pop-up over the spot,” he said. “I lay on the floor watching the fish feed just a few feet away and within minutes the spool on my reel started spinning signalling a take.”

Duncan mounted his hookbait on a size 6 Korda Kurv hook and a 15lb Korda Mouth Trap hooklink with a 2oz distance lead.