30lb 10oz mirror taken on rock salt and boilies

This 30lb 10oz mirror was the highlight of a four fish catch for Ted Bryan during a 48 hour session on a southern stillwater.

The Sydenham-based specimen hunter found a group of fish showing at one end of the lake and after baiting up with 20 15mm Nash Amber Strawberry boilies over each rod and offering pop-up hookbaits in conjunction with PVA bags of crushed boilies and rock salt crystals he landed a 26lb mirror and a mid-double on the first morning.

“Despite having just caught two fish, I decided to move swims as I saw some big carp crashing out on the other side of the lake,” Ted told Angling Times. “That night I had another twenty followed by the big mirror at 30lb 10oz, so it proved to be a worthwhile move.”

Ted put his faith in simple rigs consisting of 15lb Nash Bullet mono hooklinks and size 8 Nash Fang X hooks.