UK's biggest carp landed at 60lb 6oz

The biggest carp in the country has been caught by Rob Marsh with this huge 60lb 6oz mirror from Elphicks Fisheries’ North Lake.

The 42-year-old carp tutor landed the chunky specimen on only his third session on the Kent day-ticket water and it was taken from a spot which he had been baiting with a mixture of 10mm Mainline Cell boilies, Cell Response pellets, Hinders Salamiz Hemp and Mini Combi Pellets.

When he arrived for his latest session he found one of the swims which he’d been baiting free, and deposited 3kg of mix and two hookbaits on the spot.

“My first take ended up with me losing a good fish at the net,” Rob explained. “I then landed a 22lb mirror and spodded out another 2kg of bait. I was up early as I had to be off the lake by 7am and at 6.30am one of my alarms burst into life. After a good battle I slipped the net under a cracking mirror which I thought was a good forty. When I lifted her out, though, I soon realised it was the Big Girl. On the scales she went 60lb 6oz and I was over the moon.”

Rob’s successful presentation consisted of a 14mm Mainline Cell hookbait tipped with half a pineapple pop-up on a size 6 Atomic Tackle Haula hook and a 15lb Jel-E-Wyre hooklink.

Elphicks’ Big Girl is the second carp to break through the 60lb-barrier in recent weeks following Chris Robson’s capture of the Parrot from a southern syndicate water at 60lb 4oz. Both fish are now being tipped as potential future British record carp - a title currently held by Two Tone which peaked at 67lb 14oz before its death in 2010.