Taxidermy fish trophy: Record eel goes up for sale

Eel fishing fans are to be given the chance to own a slice of history after it was revealed that the British record specimen, which was caught way back in 1978, is to be put up for sale.

Steve Terry banked the 11lb 2oz giant from Kingfisher Lake in Hampshire, but unfortunately the eel died shortly after capture and was set up by a taxidermist.

Over the past three decades the fish has been on display at a number of tackle shops in the south of England, but has spent the last six years at Steve’s house. He believes it is now high time that someone else got the chance to appreciate it.

“It’s done the rounds, but now it’s just sitting under a dust sheet in my spare room. It really needs to be appreciated, so it’s time to find a new home for it.

“I want to use the proceeds to buy back a share on Kingfisher, which I sold in 2004.”

The trophy fish is expected to attract widespread interest from fans of the species, but big eel specialist and National Anguilla Club regional organiser Barry McConnell believes it is more likely the buyer will be a cased fish collector.

“Obviously, a lot of eel anglers will want it, including myself – but the bigger money is likely to come from the collector’s market. The lucky man will be the one who can afford it.”

Renowned cased fish collector Steve Collier also believes many will be interested in the eel, despite the fact that the market for stuffed fish has taken a few knocks in recent years.

“As an existing British record set up by a decent modern day taxidermist, it’s sure to attract offers, but the cased fish market has hardly been buoyant in the last ten years. New collectors are just not coming through – there’s no new blood. That said, it’s certainly a nice thing to have on your wall.”

If you wish to make an offer for the eel, contact Steve directly on 07789 917986 or 07810 864465.