Matt Hayes to release a new television fishing series - Wild Fisherman

Fishing celebrity Matt Hayes has secured his second new television show in as many weeks as the star relaunches

his UK career.

After several years without making any programmes, the face of fishing on the Discovery Channel has announced the release of the big budget Wild Fisherman series.

It follows news that Matt is set to begin work on the UK-based 24 Hour Rod Race show, which is also funded by Discovery.

It is just part of the star’s ambitious plans for 2012, including a new Facebook page that’ll see him film exclusive behind-the- scenes footage of his life as a professional fisherman…and a new weekly Angling Times column.

“The two shows are very different and the Wild Fisherman series is very much a great adventure that celebrates the romance of fishing. It includes everything from sailfish to salmon and there were some special moments, such as night fishing for sharks on a desert island.

“By the nature of the programmes, my presenting style and the techniques I’ve had to employ to catch fish have really stretched me. I feel it’s the best television I’ve ever made,”

said Matt.

“I see 2012 as a very important year, as there’s been a lot of rumour about whether Matt Hayes had gone to live abroad and given up fishing. This next 12 months will prove that I have a burning desire to show how great this sport can be and to promote angling as a lifestyle we can all be proud of,”

he added.

There are eight hour-long shows in the Wild Fisherman series – created by i2i television – with programmes based in Mozambique and Norway. Angling Times also understands it will be screened in more than 50 countries.

A spokesman for Discovery said: “We are delighted to be working on exciting new projects with Matt, and both shows will really test his skills as an angler. I hope they’ll be well received by fishermen nationwide.”

See below for a sneak preview of his latest television venture...