Winter blank ends with a stunning 40lb common carp

Myles Gibson’s perseverance throughout the winter finally paid off when he banked this 41lb 4oz common from a tricky Oxfordshire syndicate water.

It was the first fish to be caught from the venue this year and broke the Sandbach-based Korda and CC Moore consultant’s personal best by 2oz.

Here he recalls his remarkable capture… “Throughout the winter I’ve been fishing on Christchurch on the Linch Hill Complex because it has an impressive stock and good cold weather form. Unfortunately, on my first session I managed to lose one, which although painful, boosted my confidence as I knew I was on the fish. To my knowledge, this was the first carp hooked off the bottom since late October, so I was obviously doing something right.

“I fished the same area the following week but this time the majority of the lake froze while I was there. I did see a sizeable mirror stick its head out, however, just as I was packing up, so I was hopeful of another chance on my next session.

“The lake was empty when I arrived and I dropped into the same swim again. I’d only been there for five minutes when I saw another fish show in the same area as the previous week. After a quick lead around I soon had two rods clipped-up on a nice, hard clear area directly beside an old weed bed. Later that afternoon, I cast 10 spodfuls of 10mm CC Moore Live System boilies and 10 spods of maggots out over the two rods. In the early hours of the morning, I was awoken by the shrill of an alarm as the line on one of the rods fished over the bait tightened up and pulled out of the clip. After a slow, forceful, dogged fight I netted what I first thought was a nice thirty. It was only when

I went to lift it to the mat that I realised just how big it was – it looked huge in the glowing torchlight.

“I popped it into the sack and arranged for a friend to do the pics and help me with the weighing ceremony in the morning. Those few hours were a complete blur. I just sat convincing myself I would wake up any minute and it would all be a dream. A 40lb common in February… what a result! It turned out to be a fish known as the Perch Common and at a weight of 41lb 4oz it was a new pb. What a stunning fish. It certainly made a nice start to the year!”