Warren Martin enters Match This final after taking mammoth haul at Barford Lakes

Warren Martin once again proved why he is the most feared angler at Norfolk’s Barford Lakes when he hauled out a mammoth 216-10-0 to take victory during the latest Maver Match This qualifier.

The Sensas and Lewis’ Angler’s World backed ace took advantage of a good draw on the Match Lake and used a combination of the pole and waggler from peg 6 to take plenty of carp to 9lb.

With very little ripple on the water when the event began and lots of fishing cruising in the upper layers, Warren decided to use a shallow rig with a long length of line between pole tip and float and swung the bait directly in front of any fish that passed through his swim.

Almost every time his banded pellet hit the surface, it was taken by a lump. At times, the fish backed off and casting to clearly visible with the waggler brought about the same result.

After three hours the wind picked up and his winning approach had to be abandoned as he was unable to see under the surface and was forced to lash in pellets and fish shallow in a more traditional manner.

“Once I changed to fishing shallow traditionally I caught well for a while but in the final hour I only had one fish. Thankfully, by then the damage was done and it didn’t matter too much. It was a great day’s sport and I’m looking forward to the big final,” said Warren.