Two bream for 36lb - massive brace caught from Kent pit

Malcolm Harmer has netted one of the biggest bream braces in angling history.

The specimen hunter took fish of 18lb 9oz and 17lb 8oz from the coarse pit at Wingham Lakes in Kent, before adding another smaller fish of of 14lb 12oz later in the same 24-hour trip.

Only 40 bream are believed to live in the 40-acre venue, with just a handful captured every year.

“I joined the syndicate on Wingham’s coarse lake this year just to fish for the bream and tench. I knew there were only a small number of bream in there but that they were also very big, so I decided to target them,” the Romney Marsh-based angler told AT.

“I was there for just 24 hours and conditions were right against me – high pressure and a cold north easterly. But, by the end of the end of the trip, I’d had two of the biggest bream I’ve ever seen. When I caught a third fish of 14lb 12oz it was a bit of a disappointment, which is crazy.”

Malcolm targeted the bream at 80yds, spodding hemp and corn between two parallel gravel bars in 6ft of water, after using a lead to find out where the soft and hard silt met – a feature known to attract the bream at Wingham.

The 38-year-old then used three rods to present buoyant fake ESP creamy sweetcorn, hair-rigged to a size 9 Fox Arma hook and critically balanced on a 10ins, 10lb fluorocarbon hooklength. This ran into a 3ft, 25lb fluorocarbon leader holding a running 2.75oz lead and attached to 12lb Hydro Tuff mainline.

“The first bite came at 9am on the first day and I could tell it was a bream. I like to use a minimum resistance, running lead set-up with slack line for bream – the bite was so cautious that if I’d used a fixed lead I wouldn’t have seen it.

“My previous best bream was 12lb and this just blew it away. The seventeen came 11 hours later at 8pm and gave a similar bite, and then I had the fourteen at 2am. I’m still waiting for it all to sink in.”

*The biggest brace of bream ever taken scaled 19lb and 18lb 10oz, caught by Neil Wallis in 2008.