Two anglers share 17 double-figure bream in phenomenal haul

A massive haul of no fewer than 17 double-figure bream to a best of just under 16lb has been landed by two of the country’s top specimen anglers.

The fish, including individual specimens of 15lb 15oz and 15lb 8oz, were taken by well-known big-fish experts Adrian Eves and Ted Bryan, who were fishing two separate venues in Berkshire and Kent.

Accounting for 11 of the fish – all between 15lb 15oz and 12lb 12oz – Nash Peg One-backed angler Ted was targeting the same venue that just a fortnight ago gave him a 16lb 2oz bream, landing the staggering bag of specimens from the water in just a single 48-hour session.

“I was up all of both nights when the fish were really feeding,” Ted told Angling Times. “But you don’t mind when you’re catching fish like that. It was just a brilliant session.”

To take the haul, the former Drennan Cup winner first baited up a swim at 50 yards with around 50 balls of Monster Squid flavoured groundbait laced with Fish Frenzy halibut pellets before casting 10mm Nash Rainbow pop-up boilies over the top.

Fishing three rods, his rigs consisted of size 10 Nash Fang X hooks with 2oz inline leads and 10lb Nash Bullet line to 10lb hooklinks carrying Nash Monster Squid flavour Chain Reaction tablets for added attraction.

Also getting among the big bream this week was Fox and Dynamite Baits-sponsored specimen ace Adrian Eves, who netted a total of six double-figure fish from a Berkshire gravel pit, including a new pb of 15lb 8oz.

Taking a ‘scientific’ approach to his swim choice, the 46-year-old presented his three hookbaits over three different types of bottom – silt, gravel and ‘chod’ – to see which the fish preferred. The result was conclusive, with all but one of his fish coming from the silt patch.

Fishing over a bed of Dynamite Baits mixed particles and pellets (a mix of 4mm, 6mm and 8mm Halibut, Swim Stim and Carp types) soaked in liquid halibut attractant on each spot, Adrian tempted his fish with either maggot or strawberry corn hookbaits on a size 10 SSBP hook to running lead rigs.

“The smallest fish I had was 10lb 12oz, so it was great fishing,” said Adrian. “I think the key to keeping the fish coming was having a mix of pellet sizes and types and reducing the feed once I found the fish so they located the hookbaits more easily.”