Trio Lake at Blundells Fishery provides great weights in recent matches

The recently opened Trio Lake once again showed it could be set to become one of the best match waters in the country when in threw up a winning 104-3-0 to Mike Billingham.

With all the waters on the Blundells complex coming to life in the last few weeks, competitors were faced with a tricky decision of which one to target in the rover match, but those who opted for Trio were rewarded.

Fishing from peg 31, Mike decided to fish maggot over a bed of micro pellets to tempt the resident F1s into having a go and within 10 minutes his first fish was in the net.

The action kept coming until a series of liners indicated the shoals had come up in the water and after chucking the deck rig up the bank and exchanging it for a shallow set-up, it was a bite-a-chuck.

“The lake is in fantastic form at the moment and once the F1s showed up they never left. The fish average about 8oz apiece and I reckon I had over 200 of them in my winning haul,” said Mike.

Second-placed Tolga Istek was on the same lake and used a short approach for 93-15-0 while Andy Pickles completed the frame with a 55-6-0 net from Ash Pool.