Torbay Sea Angling Festival set to go ahead

The secretary of the Torbay Sea Angling Festival has dismissed rumours that the 2012 event is in jeopardy.

Concerns over next year’s extravaganza had been expressed when the council threatened to ban anglers from fishing in the harbour after damage to boats.

But the event secretary, Paul Vaggers, has been quick to end the speculation.
“The festival will definitely go ahead,” said Paul. “The local council give special dispensation during the event for anglers to fish in the harbour and because of some issues with boats being damaged, they have yet to give us consent for 2012.

“But whether they do or don’t is irrelevant. The harbour is only one small area that’s used for fishing so it will be happening regardless.”

*The 2012 Torbay Sea Angling Festival will start on September 7th and run for nine days. For more information visit