Tom Magnall rewrites match records at Viaduct Fishery and Chiltern Trinity

Every now and then match anglers enjoy the sort of weekend they can only dream of. The Easter Bank holiday period was most certainly one of those for Taunton bagger Tom Magnall, who broke two fishery records in the space of 24 hours, catching a combined weight of 524lb in the process!

The old benchmarks at Viaduct Fishery and Chiltern Trinity fell as Tom’s golden arm at the draw bag gave him two good pegs packed full of fish. But, as any matchman will tell you, you will need to catch them and the 26-year-old didn’t disappoint, upping the Chiltern best by 38lb with his 205-9-0. The day after, Andy Power’s Viaduct record went with a 319-6-0 haul.

Viaduct proved especially memorable as Tom caught just 25 carp for the triple ton on the Cary Lake, three of his fish weighing well over 20lb. Bridgwater fishery Chiltern provided a smaller stamp of fish but no less action on the Woodland Lake.

“Viaduct is somewhere I fish mainly in winter, going perhaps once a month in summer. Chiltern Trinity was only my second match there!” Tom said. “I guess I’ll never quite have a weekend like that again and it was one of those occasions when everything went right.”

Cary Lake peg 94 started it all off and when he got to the peg Tom could see a lot of fish on the surface not interested in feeding. Only around 20 per cent of his catch came from his 14.5m pole line, the majority taken on the long pole with a long line swinging a 6mm pellet out past the tip to pick off fish, a few chucks with the waggler snaring the odd fish when they backed well away from the pole.

“After three hours I reckoned I had around 180lb but sport tailed off afterwards as the fish became harder to see on the surface when the wind got up and I had to work hard at finding them!” Tom explained. “The day after at Trinity I walked round the lake and saw a nice warm wind blowing up to one end and peg 20 looked perfect, with lots of reed cover and fish milling around. I said that was the peg I wanted to draw and I got it! In the first half of the match I caught carp between 2lb and 3lb fishing at 4m down the edge with pellet and meat but all the while I was loosefeeding 6mm pellet at 14.5m.

"It wasn’t until the second half that the fish turned up shallow on this line and they were bigger, most being around 5lb. I didn’t even know I’d broken the record until after the match, though!”