Throop Fishery produces stunning chub haul

A total of 42lb of chub from nine fish is a good day’s fishing in anyone’s book, especially when one of those fish is a specimen of 6lb 9oz.

For angler Eddy Widdup, who cannily got out of shopping for the day to get on the bank, the catch made for a day to remember.

Fishing the Throop fishery on the Dorset Stour, Eddy went armed with four pints of maggots, targeting the stretch’s Beat Two peg with float gear. Trotting a stickfloat down a long glide, Eddy used a light 0.09mm hooklength and a size 20 hook and took a while to catch the first fish, but then they just kept coming.

“The pattern worked out with me spending 15 to 20 minutes feeding then I had a couple of trots through the swim which produced a fish each time,” Eddy told AT.

“I had nine chub in total between 3 and 6lb 9oz. Most were around the 4lb to 5lb mark. I totted them up in the end for 42lb. All in all, a good day’s fishing.”