The ice has gone, but it’s mixed results at Gold Valley

I’ve been really looking forward to a match at Gold Valley. Because of my radio schedule I can never get to a match in time to break the ice, so last winter, and this one so far, I’ve had to stay away.

Last weekend the ice had gone – although the weather tried the spanner-throwing trick by getting very cold around dawn on Sunday, causing the main road I use to get to Aldershot to be closed because of multiple accidents on ice! – so I made it.

My team captain even managed to draw me an end peg, even if it was the wrong end.

The first two hours slipped by biteless, but then the swim woke up and some tiny bites on the waggler produced a few roach to 10oz, a 12oz skimmer and the odd perch for a total of 6lb 4oz.

No surprise, no prize but a thoroughly enjoyable day in the goodcompany of Perry Stone at the next peg, who squeezed out nearly 12lb on the feeder.

While I sat twiddling my thumbs, I was watching the anglers on Middle Lake, where it was ‘carp soup’, bagging-up. In fact, Ben Leach on the end peg Middle – the same end as I was on Gold but the opposite bank – had 135lb 8oz.

On Gold Lake at my end there wasn’t a carp seen, with 16lb of roach and skimmers winning the section. The section on the opposite end of Middle was won with two perch for 7oz, trapped in the final 15 minutes, under a bush by Gary Pook!

Now if wind and other elements encourage fish to feed, how come identical  conditions on parallel lakes provoke exactly opposite results?