Suffolk Water Park carp record broken

The Suffolk Water Park record has been broken by James Potter with the capture of this 41lb 3oz mirror from the complex’s Specimen Lake

Targeting a clear spot at 50yds range in an area of the day-ticket lake which he knew the carp liked to reside in during the winter, the Woodbridge-based venue regular offered a snowman style hookbait consisting of a Premier Baits Quad bottom bait and a bright 10mm pop-up with a small PVA bag of pellets.

On the first afternoon of the 24 hour session he landed a 29lb 8oz mirror and at midday the next day he beat his old pb of 38lb 14oz when he slipped his net under the lake’s biggest resident known as 4.3.

He said: “My mate and I decided to fish different styles, and he went for chod rigs over a bed of bait while I chose to just use small bags. He landed three smaller fish and I managed to catch the two bigger carp.”

James’ winning presentation consisted of an 8ins ESP Strip Teaze hooklink and a size 8 ESP Curve Shanx hook on a helicopter setup with a 2oz lead.