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Fox Duralite® Regular Carryall: 

An emphasis has been placed on durability. All items are made from a 1200 Denier fabric to withstand the rigours of modern coarse fishing. Expect rubber bases to withstand constant contact with harsh surfaces, with grip feet offering extra reinforcement. The bases can also be wiped clean!

All zips are durable with tabs included for ease of use. Stitching has been reinforced and padded handles and shoulder straps aid transportation. The design of the luggage was kept neat and discreet, utilising a classic black/red design.

• 1200 Denier fabric for durability
• Reinforced rubber base fabric
• Zip tabs for ease of use
• Padded handles and shoulder straps
• Classic black/red design
• Reinforced stitching
• Grip feet on bases

RRP: £45.99

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