Stagg scores first time big bream

It can sometimes take specimen anglers a while to get to grips with new waters, especially large venues. Not so for big fish ace Alan Stagg, as this 12lb 10oz bream shows.

The specimen was landed by the Gardner Tackle-backed rod during his first session on a 90 acre Berkshire gravel pit, falling to a hook bait of two pieces of plastic corn hair rigged on a size 8 Talon Tip hook.

During the 40hour stint, Alan feed 5kg of Sonubaits F1 groundbait mixed half-and-half with Supercrush marine halibut groundbait laced with pellets, corn and dead maggots to create a carpet and get the bream on the feed. This was spodded onto a bar at 40 yards range.

At the business end, Alan used a 6inch hooklength of 15lb Trickster braid with a 2oz inline lead to 10lb Hydro Tuff mainline.