South open match results

Willow Park Fishery
Middle Lake 13 pegs
Doug Graves won this open on the Middle Lake from peg 15 using the pole at 14m with banded pellet over loosefed hard pellet, for mainly bream in his 50-6-0 net.
Result: 1 D Graves, Willow Park, 50-6-0; 2 M Levy, Bag 'Em Baits,  48-0-0; 3 S Duke, Apollo Marsh Farm, 31-7-0; 4 D Coulter, Gold Valley, 29-11-0; 5 C Love, Willow Park, 25-4-0; 6 M Hooper, Harefield Tackle,  22-12-0.

Oakfield Fishery
Brook & Swallow Lakes (22 pegs)
Around 17 carp won this one for Stuart Carter as he opened his account with two early fish at 5m on worm followed by a 14lb 10oz specimen that bought a smile to Stu's face with the odd fish in the left margin at 4m and 9m on worm and meat seeing him into the final hour. That produced a late flurry of seven fish at 3m on worm or meat to give him 87-0-0 at the scales.
Result: 1 S Carter, GOT Baits Oakfield, 87-0-0; 2 J Rogers, Frenzee GOT Baits, 85-0-8; 3 J Brewster, GOT Baits Oakfield, 74-10-8; 4 G Keetley, GOT Baits Oakfield, 71-11-8; 5 R Ives, Ernest Turner, 68-2-0; 6 I Graham, J&K Tackle, 65-6-8.
Redbridge Lakes
Match Lake (17 pegs )
It was the most difficult day of the year so far both with it being very blustery as well as a suspected cormorant that managed to get through Gordon Bullock's lake defenses and spook the fish and not surprisingly it reflected in the weights as the fish where tucked well out of harms way in the sedges on the island. All the same it was an even result with Steve South taking the honours with just 10-2-0 including a rouge carp of 4lb that must have got into the lake with the crucians that were stocked recently! Backed by skimmers and small tench, Steve fished worm and caster at 14m to the island with a few fish close in late on.
Result: 1 S South, Redbridge, 10-1-0; 2 B Walker, SPRO, 9-12-0; 3 C Tee, SPRO; 4 D Selic, Redbridge, 8-2-0; 5 B Davies, Browning Wickford, 7-12-0; 6 P Toye, Redbridge, 7-6-0.
Willows Lakes
Match Lake (15 pegs)
Alan Hart notched up another Willows win with 46-8-0 of bream to 4lb plus a couple of carp, all taken on the Method feeder fished at range with yellow mini boilies hair-rigged on the hook.
Result: 1 A Hart, Princess Alexandra Hospital, 46-8-0; 2 K Smith, Willows, 45-12-0; 3 P McMahon, PIP Pellets/Willows, 43-3-0; 4 D Connock, Maryuku, 38-8-0.
Redbridge Lakes
Match Lake (18 pegs)
The lake settled down a bit just in time for a bashing from the wind and just to make it difficult the fish wanted to feed on the long pole line but the results could not have been closer with any on the top eight needing just one decent bream to take top spot. As it happens Mark Linford made it his first win with just 14-6-0 to gain his Redbridge Lakes Superstar tee shirt, maggot and worm producing skimmers to 2lb plus roach and a few crucians.
Result: 1 M Linford, Redbridge Lakes, 14-6-0; 2 J Hornsby, Redbridge, 13-12-0; 3 M Shipton, Redbridge, 12-14-0; jt4 S Phung and M Phung, both Oakwood Angling, both 12-10-0; 6 M Herbert, Terrapins, 12-2-0.
Back Arun
Match Lake (14 pegs)
On a very blustery day and with a few no shows, Mick Chipperfield fishing on peg 20 winkled out all of his fish, mainly carp to 3lb on meat and corn on the pole fished in the margins and at 12m.
Result: 1 M Chipperfield, Hansfords, 98-4-0; 2 K Parker, Apollo Angling, 91-4-0; 3 F Smith, Dandy's Floats, 67-8-0; 4 D Rowden, Shakespeare, 60-4-0; 5 B Golding, SAS, 58-0-0; 6 P Romaniuk, Back Arun, 52-8-0. 

Graham Fletcher & Tony Trollop Memorial
Puddledock Farm (65 pegs)
This event goes into the 'good causes' book with 65 anglers participating to raise money for the MacMillan Cancer Relief Fund for which the lads very helpfully chipped in a grand total of £1228 in memory of two very good friends and former regulars at the fishery so a big hand and thank you to all who took part from the organisers. On the fishing front, winner Mick Hood fishing on peg 49 used cubed meat at 5m alternated with corn down the edge to take carp to 10lb while second placed Steve Schiniou fished meat over pellet at 5m to take carp in a close finish.
Result: 1 M Hood, Bowler's,  107-0-0; 2 S Schiniou, Ockenden Bait & Tackle, 94-0-0; 3 P Hyde, Sensas Angling Direct, 80-8-0; 4 D Harold, Sensas Angling Direct, 75-12-0; 5 S O’Brien, Ockenden Bait & Tackle, 74-8-0; 6 S James, Ockenden Bait & Tackle, 67-14-0.

Morehouse Farm Fishery
Sidewinder Lake (24 pegs)
This was an F1 clash as Don garnish nailed 104-0-0 of fish to 2lb on the pole using paste and small pellets.
Result: 1 D Garnish, Leatherhead, 104-0-0; 2 J Deammeida, Leatherhead, 96-0-0; 3 D Pearson, Leatherhead, 85-8-0; 4 A Betteridge, Propajob, 75-8-0; 5 R Harman, Propajob, 63-6-0.
London AA Geen Cup
Bowman’s Lakes (64 pegs)
Barry Oliver of Edmonton & Tottenham laid into the roach with the caster and bagged up big time with an exceptional 31-0-0 winning haul that left the other anglers wondering what had happened small fish were hard to come by on other pegs, bream and skimmers on feeder and pellet giving Barry Couchman secondd spot with 26-2-0.
Result: 1 B Oliver, Edmonton & Tottenham, 31-0-0; 2 B Couchman, Stort Valley, 26-2-0; 3 A Love, Edmonton & Tottenham, 23-5-8; 4 L Harper,  The Globe, 23-5-0.
Avon Angling Teams of Four Round 1
Chiltern Trinity, Wilsmarsh Lake (44 pegs)
1 T Thick, Matt's Maulers, 48-10-0; 2 P Ellis, Bristol Motor Shop, 42-13-0; 3 R Coles, Charlies Angels, 41-7-0; 4 T Rixon, Avon Angling, 27-7-0.
Teams: Jt 1 Charlies Angels, Matt's Maulers & Somerset Angling, all 32 pts.
C.D.S. Team West (Sat)
Cuckoos Rest, Dilton Marsh Lake (25 pegs)
1 D Adams, MPS Team West Tckle, 39-14-0; 2 K Raynor, South West MG, 34-12-0; 3 N Merry, South West MG, 24-0-0; 4 S Ince, MPS Team West Tackle, 16-2-0.
Junior: Curtis Whittaker, MPS Team West Tackle, 4-0-0.
Durleigh Four Day Festival
Durleigh Reservoir
Day 1: C Davies, Shaw Disaster Squad, 66-2-0.
Day 2: G Ireland, Somerset Angling, 44-1-0.
Day 3: B Hunt, Tiverton, 64-2-0.
Day 4: N Jones, Tacklebarn, 85-1-0.
Overall: 1 N.Jones, Tacklebarn, 197-3-0; 2 B Hunt, Tiverton, 146-4-0; 3 G O Shea, Preston Thatcher's, 132-10-0; 4 C Davies, Shaw Road Disaster Squad, 127-13-0.
Milemead Fishery (Sun)
Cornwall (17 pegs)
1 A Dare, Boliney Lake, 112-10-0; 2 N Roberts, Maver Royal Navy, 90-12-0; 3 A Wilkinson, Tacklebarn, 62-15-0; 4 M Statton, Tackle Barn, 59-4-0.
Sensas Commercial House League Round 1 (Sun)
Bristol Avon, Swinford to Jack Whites (54 pegs)
1 L Hubbard, Maver Bathampton Blue, 84-0-0; 2 J Atkins, BTM Services, 44-15-0; 3 L Trivett, PI Thatcher's A, 16-11-0; 4 R Lacey, Maver Bathampton Red, 16-2-0.
Teams, A Div: Jt 1 Maver Bathampton Blue & Maver Bathampton Red, both 23; 3 PI Thatcher's B, 18.
B Div: 1 D & W Builders, 17 pts; 2 BTM Service, 16; 3 Sensas Wiltshire Angling, 15.
Summerhayes Fishery (Wed)
Sellicks Lake (14 pegs)
1 M Sayer, Summerhayes, 76-12-0; 2 P Wakeling, Summerhayes, 68-7-0; 3 A Bishop, Summerhayes, 54-2-0; 4 D Tunstall, Summerhayes, 49-9-0.
Summerhayes Fishery (Sun)
Sellicks Lake (16 pegs)
1 B Hopping, Summerhayes, 91-14-0; 2 P Wakeling, Summerhayes, 59-14-0; 3 B Hunt Tiverton, 45-5-0; 4 M Lehay, Summerhayes, 36-6-0.
White Acres Silver Residents (Wed)
Twin Oaks, Trelawney & Acorn (71 pegs)
1 R Gallagher, Gillette AC, 120-10-0; 2 P Alder, Mill House AC, 81-8-0; 3 H Paige, White Hart Flore, 69-9-0; 4 K Appleton, York Nomads, 66-7-0.
White Acres/Maryuku Residents Rover (Thurs)
All Waters (128 pegs)
1 M Brumpton, Westwood Lakes, 95-10-0; 2 I Whalley, Highfield Fisheries, 94-14-0; 3 M Williams, Sheffield, 84-7-0; 4 B Parker, Milo Bordon, 84-6-0.