Six 3lb roach in a single session for Alan Stagg

A senastional haul of huge specimen roach featuring six fish over 3lb and topped by a 3lb 8oz giant has been taken by bang in-form big fish angler Alan Stagg.

The Drennan Cup contender increased his chances of challenging for the most prestigious award in specimen fishing when he took the amazing catch from an Oxfordshire stillwater.

A maggot feeder cast to a spot around 50yds from the bank proved to be the winning method for the angler, from Basingstoke, Hants, who landed fish weighing 3lb 8oz, 3lb 6oz, 3lb 4oz, two at 3lb 3oz and another of 3lb 1oz, with the biggest fish of his three-day session equalling his personal best for the species.

His rig, which featured a double maggot hookbait mounted on a size 18 hook, was built from 8lb mainline and a 4lb hooklength.

“I didn’t have a bite for 24 hours and then I had two three pounders on the bank at the same time,” Alan explained to Angling Times.

“When I bought my white maggots for the session I riddled them and then added a few handfuls of Sonu Baits Supercrush Green groundbait, which I then left them in for a few days.

“This is made from crushed koi pellets and big roach seem to really love this. I’m convinced it gives me an edge.”