Shanks bags Fish O'Maniac victory at Stafford Moor

Brian Shanks walked away from the annual Fish O’Maniac event at Stafford Moor with a bulging wallet after he netted a winning 158lb 3oz and the £1,000 cash prize.

After picking peg 20 on Tanners out of the bag, Avon Angling backed Brian decided to fish shallow with the waggler and was rewarded with a number of early carp.

As the hours passed the line began to die off and in a desperate bid to reinvigorate his fortunes, Brian took a look down the margins.It was a decision that paid off big time, with mirrors and commons to 8lb responding to his pellet approach almost instantly.

By the time the final hooter rung out, the rain soaked ace had placed 33 carp into the net and had managed to bag the victory with ease.

Runner up Neil Dudsbury also walked away with a hefty brown envelope containing £550 after he used shallow waggler tactics to fool 25 carp from peg 23.