Seventh UK fifty for Terry Hearn

Following what has been one of his longest campaigns of his illustrious career, Terry Hearn has landed his seventh UK carp over the magical 50lb-barrier with this 51lb 4oz mirror from CEMEX Angling’s Chertsey Lake.

The south London-based legend has been chasing the elusive specimen for the last 18 months, and eventually made contact with his prized target fish on what was his 52nd bite on the tricky low-stock pit which contains fewer than 30 carp.

Terry, who is a consultant for both Dynamite Baits and ACE, had come close to achieving his goal on several occasions throughout his time on the Surrey venue.

“I'd come close a number of times, but one way or another it would always manage to get away with it,” Terry told Angling Times. “Either it would prove too clever for my rigs, or one of its mates would nip in at the last minute and get caught instead. It's possible that I lost it last April as well, after a line breakage.”

He finally slipped the net under the stunning fish, bringing his time on Chertsey to an end in the process, after it picked up his home-rolled 15mm Dynamite Baits Red Fish cork-ball pop-up which he presented on a hinged-stiff rig using a size 6 prototype ACE hook.

“The take came in the very early hours of the morning and I had a fair idea which fish it was as soon as I picked up the rod,” he explained. “I’d already caught all the others and this one felt completely different. It was very weighty and I could feel my line pinging off its fins so it was obviously a long fish. It kited left away from where I hooked it at around 60yds range, and once I got it in close it made the sanctuary of a snaggy corner where I could feel the mainline rubbing against some branches. With steady pressure it came free, and from there I managed to keep it coming until eventually it was rolling around beneath the tip. It was pitch black, but by this stage I was almost certain what it was. Even so, it wasn't until I got it in the net and flicked on my torch that I knew for sure.

“I can't tell you how much of a relief it was to finally catch it! I've enjoyed my time on the pit, but the noise from the nearby M3 is enough to drive you mad, and after catching everything else I'd pretty much had enough of fishing the place anyway. I certainly wasn't looking forward to going back for yet another go next spring. Instead, I can now have a nice fresh challenge somewhere else. For now though it's time to do a bit of perch fishing I think!”