See the untippable fishing trolley in action - and other angling inventions

A man who has spent more than 20 unsuccessful years trying to make products for the angling industry has vowed: “I’ll keep inventing until the day I die.”

John Davey, who comes from Leeds, has devoted more than two decades of his life to creating tackle items that he’s convinced will help anglers put more fish on the bank. But despite repeated failure he remains defiant – and has just finished his latest ‘must-have’ gadget.

Working from his garden shed, the 59-year-old former joiner has just finished ‘The Untippable Trolley’, another in a long line of prototypes that also includes a self-loading catapult and a pole/rod tip hybrid that eliminates lost fish. And despite unsuccessfully pitching his ideas to countless tackle shop owners and major players in the industry, his enthusiasm remains undimmed.

“I’ve always been obsessed with fishing and it’s coming up with products that solve everyday angling problems that gives me pleasure,” he told AT. “ Many people would have given up by now, and making a living from it would be a dream come true, but it’s seeing the smile on an angler’s face who’s puts a few more fish in their net or got to their peg a little easier because of one of my products that makes me truly happy. That’s what will keep me inventing until the day I die.”

One manufacturer that John has approached with his designs is tackle giant Daiwa, which has given the inventor at least some hope of achieving his dream.

The company, although having not gone ahead with any of John’s ideas, has admitted to being very impressed by some of his products, while stressing how important anglers’ inventions and innovations are to the future of fishing.

“Good ideas like those from John Davey are vital, and what’s important is that anglers don’t stop thinking, trying and challenging convention. You never know when that next ‘nugget’ will emerge.”

John’s top five angling inventions

Pole wheels – designed to allow easier backward shipping without the need for a roller

The feeder float – a feeder on the bottom of a float

Self striking rod – making hitting those bites easier, although the prototype smashed the end of John’s rod

A rod/pole hybrid – bring the accuracy of pole fishing together with the fish playing characteristics of a rod

The untippable trolley – what it says in on the tin with swinging front wheels giving stability and flexibility up steps and round corners

To see some of John's inventions in action, click the video play button below...