Secret supermarket offering key to winning streak

A top match angler who has been raking in the cash on a weekly basis has revealed that a rarely used supermarket offering has been the key to his winning streak.

Lincolnshire’s Graham Garrod has been unstoppable at his local venue and has announced that he has been using less than £3 worth of bait to take countless triple figure hauls.

The bait is so deadly that it even helped him land a £1,000 golden peg bonus during his latest outing!

“This bait costs pennies to buy and you don’t need much of it. I won’t travel anywhere without it and our local supermarket keeps running out of it as local anglers have cottoned on to how effective it is,” explained Graham.

For an in-depth report on the hot tactic, pick up a copy of next week’s Angling Times, on the shelves from Tuesday August 23.