Scientists to suffocate 'vermin carp'?

A short-term solution to the problem of Asian carp migrating into America’s Great Lakes could be to create a two-mile long low-oxygen zone in the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, which would kill all fish passing through it, scientists believe.

They said that was a viable option until the Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins could be separated physically from each other, a step they said needs to take place by 2015.

The low-oxygen buffer could be created by shutting down or slowing aerators that now oxygenate the canal, and by allowing more discharge from sewage plants into the canal, lowering oxygen levels.

Richard Sparks, senior scientist with the National Great Rivers Research and Education Centre in Illinois, said: ‘It's a temporary fix, but it would be better than the electric barrier, which can't prevent eggs and young carp from passing through.'