Save £20 on a new Seymo W pole roller now!

Gofishing has struck a deal to offer all pole anglers a £20 saving on a new Seymo W-shaped roller.

RRP is £49.99 but you can get it for £29.99 plus £6.95 p&p this week from

It’s a huge roller you simply can’t miss when shipping back, and is perfect for tight swims on commercials, canals, and river venues as the unique shape allows you to use the roller to ship back and break down two separate lengths of pole.

This makes it ideal when you haven’t got a lot of room behind you, or when you need to keep lots of extra sections behind you to add quickly.

It features a sturdy camera-style tripod which has three fully adjustable legs with spirit level plus height adjustable head so you can position the roller perfectly in any swim.

A ‘click-fit’ design means there’s no mucking about trying to screw the rollers in and out either and they also feature a pole-safe cord to ensure your sections don’t blow off even in the strongest winds.

The Seymo W Pole Roller fold flat for easy transport in a carryall.

“One of the most sturdy rollers on the bank, the W shape really helps on tight swims where you have to break down your pole twice,” said Angling Times’ Steve Fitzpatrick.

“It also allows you to store extra sections close to hand should you need to add sections quickly when playing bigger fish for example when fishing close in down the edge.”

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