Rod licence evasion figures released - Thames 'anglers' the worst!

Rod licence evasion is at its highest in the Thames region, it has been revealed this week.

According to comprehensive figures published by the EA, in the past twelve months 8.6% of the 13,191 anglers in the region who were asked to produce a valid rod licence could not do so.

The Midlands was home to the second largest incidence of offenders at 5.5%, followed by the southern region (5.1%) and the north west (4.9%).

At the other end of the scale was the anglian region, where just 2.9% of the 18,854 anglers checked in 2010/2011 didn’t have a licence, marginally better than the south west region, where 3% were unable to produce the document.

In total, the EA performed 94,203 licence checks nationwide, and the overall evasion rate stood at 5%.