Roach expert says record is '100% genuine'

Roach expert and scientist Dr Mark Everard has claimed the 4lb 9oz fish being claimed as a new British record is 100% genuine.

Specialist Warren Gaunt banked the fish from Hollowell Reservoir in Northampton but because the venue has a history of producing big hybrids, some doubt remained about its authenticity.

But Dr Everard is convinced it’s the real deal and has provided a detailed analysis of the fins and scales in order to prove the point.

“I think that the balance of probability is strongly in favour of 'roach', strongly enough across key features for me to be confident that this is a roach,” said Mark, who has caught an incredible 800 two-pounders and just written an extensive book on the species.

“I know that the water has a history of big hybrids, but this does not sway my analysis of key features.  I can't comment on weight of course, though it does look vast!

For Mark’s full analysis, and further pics of the fish, see next week’s Angling, out Tuesday 28th June.