Roach bags over 50lb falling at club water

A club water that is home to huge shoals of roach has hit top form with bags of up to 50lb being taken on a regular basis.

The northern reservoir has been kept largely under wraps for a number of years but the secret is now out and more anglers are joining the controlling club to sample the delights.

Regardless of what tactic you decide to employ you are almost certain to be kept busy, with pole, waggler and feeder all scoring heavily.

“I can’t think of a better roach venue in the country. The fish average around the 6oz mark but there are plenty over the 1lb mark and every peg is solid with redfins,” explained one local angler.

For more details on the venue and the best rigs for bagging at it, pick up a copy of next week’s Angling Times, on the shelves from Tuesday November 22.