Quick overnighter results in pb 40lb 6oz mirror carp for Harry Charrington

A quick overnight session on an Essex stillwater saw Harry Charrington land this personal best 40lb 6oz mirror.

The 21-year-old Fox media assistant targeted a gravel patch at 40yds range in an area where he'd seen a few fish moving. He baited the feature with 2kg of a new boilie from Richworth and offered a snowman hookbait consisting of a bottom bait tipped with a 14mm Richworth Tutti pop-up over the top on a Fox Arma Point LSC hook and a 25lb Fox Coretex hooklink. 

He said: "At about midnight the rod on the gravel spot went into meltdown and I bent into a very powerful fish, taking 40 yards of line on its first run, the rest of the fight however was more subdued and I managed to slip the net under the carp."

He then rounded off the session with a 22lb mirror caught from a set of marginal snags.

He said: “This was my first night out with the new bait and my first bite on it, so I was over the moon.”