Pestered by crayfish....then by big barbel!

Mark Erdwin had to endure having his baits pestered by crayfish for several hours at the start of his session, but the aggravation was worth putting up with after this 11lb 15oz River Loddon barbel put in an appearance.

A boilie glugged in flavouring and presented over 10 free offerings did the trick for Mark, who used a low resistance ledger rig, with large bore run ring and 2oz lead.

'As the night wore on the crayfish activity reduced and eventually I had a very powerful lunging take,” said Mark.

“It put up a powerful fight, which saw it bolt for some heavy reeds upstream, but everything went well after that and I soon slipped the net under the well-conditioned fish,”

A 12in hooklength of 15lb Drennan Sinkbraid and a size 8 Gardner Talon Tip hook completed his set up.