Pellets were the key to Colin Pace's Moorlands Farm match win

With the water temperature at Moorlands on the up, Colin Pace felt he could fish pellet with some degree of confidence in this midweeker, and the local man was proved right as he winkled out 28-14-0 to chalk up yet another victory at the Hartlebury complex.

Drawing peg 20 on the Bank Pool, Colin went down the expander pellet route but kept a steady hand on the feeding tiller, only trickling in a few micropellets via a home-made pole pot made out of a pop bottle lid when the peg needed it. His reward was three carp to 6lb and around 12lb of skimmers,

“Peg 20 is quite deep at around 7ft, and with the water temperature being 6ºC I reckoned pellet would work well as opposed to maggot and pinkie,”

Colin explained. “At Moorlands in winter, the skimmers are as important as the carp, so you need to fish a bait that will catch both, and pellet is perfect. I had one bream around 3lb and the rest of the skimmers were hand-sized fish, but that meant plenty of bites, with the carp coming out of the blue. The thought of sitting and waiting for a few big fish didn’t appeal!”

A 6lb fish in the first hour got Colin off to a good start, followed by another smaller specimen in hour three, the time in between spent getting his head down for those skimmers on a 4mm expander fished at dead depth.

Only in the final hour did another carp show, a 5lb fish helping put him clear of Sid Julian’s 23-14-0 second-best haul.

“I’m well-known for starving the fish at Moorlands!” Colin laughed. “If the peg went a little bit quiet I put in probably no more than a dozen micros and fished it out. Even though temperatures are on the up, it still needed a very cautious approach.”


1 C Pace, Colin Pace Academy, 28-14-0
2 S Julian, Moorlands, 23-14-0
3 T Webb, West Midlands Police, 19-3-0
4 G Reynolds, King’s, 16-9-0