Original chod rig outwits 33lb mirror carp

The chod rig is easily one of the most popular rigs in carp fishing, but Jon ‘Shoes’ Jones went against the masses and used the original version to beat this 33lb mirror from Baden Hall Fishery’s Quarry Pool.

Having never fished the Staffordshire day-ticket water before, the Avid Carp’s design and development manager eventually located a group of fish and, to avoid spooking them, decided to use one of his favourite single hookbait approaches. 

“The modern version of the chod rig is tied with a ‘D’ set-up at the hook end,” he said. “But when Frank Warwick first came up with the idea of fishing a stiff-rigged pop-up a few feet up the line it was called the short rig and incorporated a stiff hair. He wrote about it prolifically at the time and after I’d seen it, I used it and have caught a lot of carp on it over the years.” 

Once again the presentation came up trumps for Jon, and his 10mm Avid High Lite imitation boilie hookbait soaked in a citrus flavouring had only been in the water for a short while when a series of bleeps on his right-hand rod alerted him to the presence of a hooked fish trying to get away with it. “The stiffness of the mono makes it difficult for any carp to eject this rig, and because I don’t fish it running on the line like the popular ‘flying chod’ set-up, it means when the carp pull the rig tight against the Chod Bead I use, they’re hooked.” Sure enough, after a powerful scrap he slipped the net under the chunky specimen which was hooked solidly in the bottom lip.

“It shows that good rigs stand the test of time. The nature of the bite proved the carp had trouble ejecting the rig and no amount of head shaking was going to get rid of it.”