Open and club match fishing results - South

Here's this week's fishing match results from all regions within the South of Britain...

Back Arun (Sun)

Carp Lake (15 pegs )
It's getting to be a fight at the draw for consistent peg 29 on the Carp Lake which produced the winner again for Frank Williamson, Sonu Baits Passies who fished meat and corn for 86-8-0, Ken Norman, Back Arun fishing the same way for 80-0-0 while Adam Williamson weighed in 52-0-0 for third place.
Result: 1 F Williamson, Sonu Baits Passies, 86-0-0; 2 K Norman, Back Arun, 80-0-0; 3.A Williamson, Sonu Baits Passies, 52-0-0; 4 M Chipperfield, Hansfords, 49-0-0; 5 B Cloran, Back Arun, 44-0-0; 6 B Golding, SAS Chichester, 40-0-0. 
Greenridge Farm (Sat)

Canals 1 & 2 (10 pegs)
Andy Potter, Dandys K2, took 190-10-0 from Canal 2 peg 18 as carp to 10lb showed up to maggot fished across to the bottom of the far bank shelf. Second-placed Gareth Boycott, Romsey Bait & Tackle totalled 141-2-0 from Canal 1 peg 2 as he landed carp to 8lb also on maggot fished across on the far shelf and in the margins while Dean Rowden, Shakespeare Team Hansfords managed third place with 137-3-0 ar peg 16 on Canal 2, also helping himself to carp up to 8lb on Method feeder with maggot.
Result: 1 A Potter, Dandys K2, 190-10-0; 2 G Boycott, Romsey Bait & Tackle, 141-2-0; 3 D Rowden, Shakespeare Team Hansfords,137-3-0; 4 K Barry, New Milton, 125-9-0; 5 P Newman, Sonu Baits, 122-8-0; 6 D Hydes, Andover, 117-8-0.

Local League (Sun)

Basingstoke Canal, Green Sheds (20 pegs)
This was a tough match by any standards with low weights prevailing inexplicably again and Ian Francis, Farnham winkled out two skimmers on caster and a few roach on squatt for 4-15-0 closely followed to the scales with 4-13-0 by Paul Hetherington who worked with chopped worm to take his net of mainly perch.
Result: 1 J Francis, Farnham, 4-15-0; 2 P Hetherington, Guildford,4-13-0; 3 A Rogers, Guildford, 3-12-0; 4 T Cane, Farnham, 3-10-0; 5 M Kay, Farnham, 2-9-8.

Monk Lakes Winter League (Sun)

Lakes 2 & 3 (40 pegs)
The 10 teams fished the venue in windy conditions saw top individual Stuart Atkinson, Blean Angling bag 52-0-0 fishing with pellet and maggot at 13m to take small barbel and carp.   
Result: 1 S Atkinson, Blean Angling, 52-0-0; 2 G Valance, Preston Innovations Delcac, 45-12-0; 3 J Larraman, Preston Innovations Delcac, 39-0-0; 4 M Leask, Anchor Croydon, 36-0-0; 5 M Glynn, Meatbashers, 33-0-0; 6 J Warman, Blean Angling, 30-0-0.                                                                           
Teams: Jt1 Blean Angling and Preston Innovations Delcac, both 32pts; 3 Monk Lakes Blue, 31, 4 Monk Lakes White, 29
Oakfield Fishery (Weds)

Swallow Lake (12 pegs)
An extremely blustery day made fishing at any great distance almost impossible. Pete Alland catching at 3m in the deep water to his left and right margins off peg 5 on the Swallow Lake. Meat over meat and paste over pellet took a mainly carp bag with fish to 9lb making up his 71-0-0 net.
Result: 1 P Alland, GOT Baits Oakfield, 71-0-0; 2 M Giles, RS Baits, 57-12-0; 3 S Page, Drennan GOT Baits, 44-4-8; 4. J Brewster, GOT Baits Oakfield, 42-14-0; 5 P McCloughlin, GOT Baits Oakfield; 36-15-0, 6 K Worthington, GOT Baits Oakfield, 36-12-8.

Oakfield Fishery (Sat)

Swallow & Brook Lakes (24 Pegs)
A flurry of five decent carp in the first hour in the left hand margin off Swallow Lake peg 23 put Dave Stratful, GOT Baits Oakfield   ahead from the off in a very slow start to the match. Following a few worrying fishless hours Dave found and connected with the carp in his margins and at length on the pole with meat fished over GOT Green Atomic micro pellet was the successful bait combination.
Result: 1 D Stratful, GOT Baits Oakfield, 53-3-0, 2 B Edwards, GOT Baits Oakfield, 42-5-0, 3 J Price, Red Lion, 37-13-0, 4 M Giles, RS Baits, 37-4-0, 5 J Brewster, GOT Baits Oakfield, 36-11-8, 6 S Carter, GOT Baits Oakfield, 36-8-0.
Oakwood Angling  (Sun)

Grand Union Canal, Aylesbury Arm (35 pegs)
This was a bream wins all draw for Rob Wright, Maver Image Van Den Eynde who was on the Gudgeon Stream peg 35 where he fished chopped worm and caster at 11m to net 30-5-0 of bream made up of nine good fish, the rest of his net being skimmers in otherwise very hard conditions. Carl Steffan, Garbolino Black Horse took 15-10-8 for second place while his teammate Damian Green took a close  third place with 15-10-0 after a very frustrating day having lost a good number of bream and being smashed up by a carp!
Result: 1 R Wright, Maver Image Van Den Eynde, 30-5-0; 2 C Steffan, Garbolino Black Horse, 15-10-8; 3 D Green, Garbolino Black Horse, 15-10-0; 4 I Young, Oakwood Angling, 10-0-0; 5 J Mead, Team Raiders, 8-9-0; 6 A Tunney, Oakwood Angling 6-5-0.
Ockendon Bait & Tackle (Sun)

Puddledock Farm, Snake Lake (52 pegs) 
Lee Ripper was this week's winner as he took the field apart from the outset with expander pellet fished over micro pellet before switching to 6mm luncheon meat cubes tight across and down the middle taking 111-8-0 of carp well into double figures. Lee Blewett, Ockenden Bait & Tackle bagged 95-0-0 of carp with a few bream thrown in to take second spot, pellet across and down the middle doing the damage.
Result: 1 L Ripper, Got Baits, 111-8-0; 2 L Blewett, Ockenden Bait & Tackle, 95-0-0, 3 S James Ockenden Bait & Tackle, 89-0-0; 4 M Hoye, Ockenden Bait & Tackle,86-4-0; 5 S O’Brien, Ockenden Bait & Tackle, 67-8-0; 6 T Todd, Ockenden Bait & Tackle, 66-4-0.
Peter Hill Memorial (Sat)

Centre Lake, Deane’s Farm (24 pegs)
This was a cold and windy event and at the end of the day, there were six blankers with some leaving early due to the weather. The upside was that the hardy few that stuck it out were of a very young age, a good sign for the sport's future. First place went to Nigel Parr taking two carp on corn for 18-13-0 while six-year-old old Freddy Bacon weighed in a mixed net of 12-8-0 to put some of the big boys in the shade!
Result: 1 N Parr 18-13-0; 2 F Bacon. 12-8-0; 3 R Jellis, 12-0-0; 4 J Pastors, 8-8-0; jt4 B Cakebread and R Cooper, both 8-4-0.
Redbridge Lakes (Sat)

Match Lake (10 pegs)
Whilst the rest of the field fished squatt and pinkie, Paul Storan sat it out on pellet at 13m and found a few bream plus skimmers to win the day with 11-12-0.
Result: 1 P Staran, Redbridge, 11-12-0; 2 R Beaver, Redbridge, 9-6-0; 3 B Davies, Browning Wickford Angling, 8-13-0; 4 G Bullock, Redbridge, 7-0-0; 5 M Wallis, Redbridge, 6-2-0; 6 P Toye , Redbridge, 5-12-0.
Redbridge Lakes (Sun)

Match Lake (15 pegs)
With the benefit of having fished the previous day, Micky Wallis decided to sit it out on pellet fished at 11m and 14.5m and took bream to 3lb plus skimmers and a few small tench for an easy win with 24-10-0.
Result: 1 M Wallis, Redbridge, 24-10-0; 2 S Barnett, Redbridge 12-6-0; 3 S Crawley, Redbridge, 10-9-0; 4 L.Linford, Redbridge, 8-6-0; 5 G Bullock, Redbridge, 8-5-0; 6 J Hornsby, Redbridge, 8-2-0.
Rayne Lodge (Sat)

Top & Middle Lakes (16 pegs)
Gary Burton found his form at peg 13 on the Middle Lake and makes it three wins on the trot with another 200lb weight on corn fished over hemp and corn at 5m, finishing on exactly 200-0-0.
Result: 1 G Burton, Rayne Lodge 200-0-0; 2 B Reynolds, Bait-Tech, 180-8-0; 3 T Lee, DH Floats, 122-12-0; 4 J Bell, Coleman’s Cottage, 118-8-0; 5 G Haze, DH Floats, 89-0-0; 6 A Reynolds, Image, 30-8-0.
Stanborough Lakes Hospital Cup Charity (Sun)

Welwyn Garden City (40 pegs)
This was a terrific silverfish match with a silver lining for the QE2 Hospital who will be £185 better off after the day's charity efforts by the lads who turned out aided by the nice weather. Pole and caster dominated with excellent weights of quality roach averaging 12oz aplenty with a few bream to add on for good measure as sorted out by Colin Houghton, Oakwood Angling who netted 47-0-0 made up of 15 skimmers to 1lb 8oz and the rest roach on caster fished at 13m. Second-placed John Weeden, Maver Image Van Den Eynde netted a 31-12-0 all-roach bag but had a bit of bad luck having lost a crucian carp weighing an estimated 3lb at the net while his teammate in third place Gary Miller took another roach bag on the pole for 29-12-0.
Result: 1 C Houghton, Oakwood Angling , 47-0-0; 2 J Weeden, Maver Image Van Den Eynde, 31-12-0; 3 G Miller, Maver Image Van Den Eynde, 29-12-0; 4 I Darren, Marukyu Baits, 20-10-0; 5 A Williams, Lakeside Tackle, 18-8-0; 6 C Martin, Lakeside Tackle,18-5-0.
Willow Park Fishery Winter League (Sat)

Small & Middle Lakes  (36 pegs)
Overall winning weight for the first round of this winter l eague came from Harry Marsh on peg 26 fishing for team Sensas A4 with 66-8-0.Harry caught using the pole and pellet waggler with 4mm expanders and 6mm hard hair-rigged pelleet to land carp to 5lb plus bream to 3lb and skimmers.
Result: 1 H Marsh, Sensas A4, 66-8-0; 2 A Lee, Guildford Angling Centre, 46-10-0; 3 P Wrighting, Sensas A4, 41-3-0; 4 A Burrows, Willow Blue, 36-12-0; 5 M Bond, Willow Black, 34-6-0; 6 N Crabbe, Section 8, 29-6-0.
Teams: 1 Sensas A4, 31pts; 2 Willow Blue, 30; 3 Willow Black, 27; 4 Willow White, 23; 5 Willow Bits, 18; 6 Guildford Angling Centre, 16.  Bathampton Over 55s & Disabled (Thurs)
Hunstrete Lakes, Bridge Pool (24 pegs)
Result: 1 A Jones, King Billy, 57-1-0; 2 D Gillard, Bristol, 49-6-0; 3 J Wild, Bristol, 47-5-0; 4 J Smith, Bristol Angling Centre, 41-14-0.
Top silverfish weight: D Bacon, Bacon Tackle, 17-2-0.
Dave’s Dynamite/Shimano Evening Series (Thurs)
Bristol City Docks, Baltic Wharf (18 pegs)
Result: 1 P Ellis, Dynamite Docks, 12-4-0; 2 D Clutterbuck, Dynamite/Shimano, 8-14-0; 3 M Sivell, Dynamite Baits/Shimano, 8-1-0; 4 A Healey, Dynamite/Bristol PSV, 5-5-0.
League: Jt 1 D Shore, Dynamite Docks and P Ellis, Dynamite Docks, both 15pts.
Gillingham AA Carnival (Sun)
Lodden Lakes (35 pegs)
Result: 1 M Brennan, Preston Innovations Thatcher’s, 17-8-0; 2 D Sealy, Gillingham AA, 14-3-0; 3 M Fuller, Gillingham AA, 13-0-0; 4 D Masu, Blandford, 10-12-0.
Shiplake Farm (Sun)

Nr Bristol (15 pegs)
Result: 1 R Stark, Weston-Super-Mare, 90-6-0; 2 J Page, Weston-Super-Mare, 60-5-0; 3 B Hadley, Weston-Super-Mare, 55-10-0; 4 S Ryall, Weston-Super-Mare, 48-3-0.
Summerhayes Fisheries (Sun)

Long’s Lake (17 pegs)
Result: 1 A Jones, Paul Church Motor Repairs, 46-0-0; 2 E Fouracres, Mosella, 44-1-0; 3 J Dursley, Enterprise Angling, 38-10-0; 4 A Bishop, Summerhayes, 29-12-0.
Teams of Four (round four)

Witherington Farm, Salisbury (40 pegs)
Result: 1 M Cannings, Dandys K2/Andy’s Floats, 81-10-0; 2 J Gray, Reid’s Tackle, 74-0-0; 3 P Newman, Mosella Eastleigh Blue, 62-4-0; 4 P White, Whitey’s Mob, 49-4-0.
Teams: 1 Dandy’s K2, 58.5pts; 2 Mosella Eastleigh Red, 56; 3 Reid’s Tackle, 54.