Open and club match fishing results - North

Blundell’s Fishery Rover (Sun)
All lakes (40 pegs)
It hasn’t taken Mike Joyce long to get his first win at Blundell’s. This was only his third visit to the fishery and he nipped into first place, ahead of a host of regulars, with 51-10-0 from peg 49 on the Ash Lake. Mike chose a simple straight lead approach with maggot and caught carp to 8lb.
Result: 1 M Joyce, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 51-10-0; 2 K Rich, Daiwa, 50-14-0; 3 J Carroll, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 50-9-0; 4 A Howarth, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 33-4-0; 5 A Clancy, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 32-10-0; 6 M Hassall, Stalybridge Angling Supplies, 28-3-0.

Blundell’s Fishery Rover (Sat)
All lakes (26 pegs)
Being able to pick your own lake and peg is a brilliant bonus at this time of year – just ask Kieron Rich who chose peg 65 on the Pine Pool where he got first place with 53-10-0. Kieron abandoned the pole in favour of running line and waggler to catch carp to 6lb on double maggot from against the far bank.
Result: 1 K Rich, Daiwa, 53-10-0; 2 S Carroll, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 44-5-0; 3 J Carroll, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 32-10-0; 4 P Coyle, Preston Innovations, 20-6-0; 5 M Billingham, Hazel Grove Angling Centre, 14-12-0; 6 A Green, Cheshire Angling, 11-2-0.

Bradford No1 AA Daily Mirror Cup (Sun)
River Nidd (31 pegs)
The Nidd at Cowthorpe was 3ft up for the Daily Mirror Cup and just four anglers managed to weigh in. Bradford’s Bob Newby annihilated the opposition weighing in 9-3-0 from peg 44 the gas pipe where he worked with stick float and maggot to tempt two chub and five grayling. Best of the rest was Bradford’s James Vickerman who required just 1-14-0 to settle second place at peg 60 on the dog kennels length here James located three grayling to beat his dad Peter by 1oz!
Result: 1 B Newby, Bradford, 9-3-0; 2 J Vickerman, Bradford, 1-14-0; 3 P Vickerman, Bradford, 1-13-0; 4 I Bradley, Bradford, 0-7-0.

Brookside Fisheries (Sun)
Snake & Willow Lakes (38 pegs)
This sweepstake produced some of the best Sunday weights led by Nick Butterworth with 76-4-0 off peg 22 on the Willow Lake. He kept it simple, feeding sparingly with pellet and using soft pellet on the hook to land carp to 2lb and skimmers to 1lb.
Result: 1 N Butterworth, Cheshire Angling, 76-4-0; 2 T Dewhurst, Premier Driveways, 42-12-0; 3 M Rogerson, Drennan NW, 29-4-0; 4 S Birchall, Sam’s Tackle & Bait, 21-0-0; 5 J Battersby, Garbolino Elton, 20-13-0; jt5 D Williams, Garbolino Elton and S Conroy, Bait-Tech/Kamasan, both 17-4-0.

Brookside Fisheries (Sat)
Snake & Willow Lakes (37 pegs)
Match anglers were spread across two lakes to help cope with the cold weather conditions and it was a good move that helped give John Vernon and winning 38-2-0. A quiet approach with light feeding and fishing with maggot at 10m resulted in a steady stream of small F1 hybrids, along with a handful of silverfish.
Result: 1 J Vernon, Elton Tackle, 38-2-0; 2 A Menzies, Garbolino Elton, 34-0-0; 3 S Conroy, Kamasan/Bait-Tech, 23-4-0; 4 J Jones, Garbolino Elton, 22-8-0; 5 D Williams, Garbolino Elton, 21-14-0; 6 G Barker, Port Sunlight, 21-0-0.

Copthorne Fisheries (Sat)
Match Canal Lake (16 pegs)
The was an air of sorrow that the long-running and popular fishing tackle shop – Lostock Tackle – finished trading on the day after years of supporting local matchmen. Darren Tierney was among those sponsored and marked the day by taking first place with 33-12-0 from peg 6 on the canal. Darren polefished at 12m to catch carp and chub on soft pellet.
Result: 1 D Tierney, JR Tackle, 33-12-0; 2 J Raby, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 22-2-0; 3 T Clark, Ted Carter Preston, 20-8-0; 4 S Barker, Highfield Fisheries, 13-10-0; 5 P Casson, Ted Carter Preston, 12-0-0; 6 M Halliwell, JR Tackle Southport, 11-4-0.

Hampton Springs (Sun)
Alice Springs & Rock Pools (20 pegs)
Martin Churchill was well ahead of the field with figures of 44-12-0 made up of carp to 3lb taken on pellet and corn at 7 and 12m from peg 14 on the Alice Springs Pool.
Result: 1 M Churchill, Tri-Cast Weston, 44-12-0; 2 P Price, Saints, 29-10-0; 3 A Spencer, Chester Tackle Locker, 22-12-0.

Highfield Fisheries (Sun)
Ash Lake (20 pegs)
Dave Ryan edged into first place with 28-2-0 of carp to 3lb by polefishing to the island with pellet and corn at peg 20.
Result: 1 D Ryan, Ted Carter Southport, 28-2-0; 2 A Hargreaves, Ted Carter Preston, 20-4-0; 3 I Waddington, Ted Carter Preston, 17-8-0; 4 G Carter, Ted Carter Preston, 16-0-0.

Highfield Fisheries OAPs (Fri)
Beech Lake (18 pegs)
Alan Ashurst scratched about with red maggot on the hook to take the top catch of 20-12-0, made up of carp to 4lb, caught on the Method feeder off peg 23.
Result: 1 A Ashurst, Fleetwood Reservoir, 20-12-0; 2 A Connell, Highfield Fisheries, 18-10-0; 3 P Simeon, Fleetwood, 9-6-0; 4 D Mountcastle, Blackpool, 8-2-0.

High Heyes Fishery Rover (Sat)
All lakes (16 pegs)
Mussel on the straight lead was Damian Brierley’s chosen method and it produced two hefty carp for 17-13-0 and first place off peg 12 on Lake 1.
Result: 1 D Brierley, Tri-Cast Highfield, 17-13-0; 2 W Edmunds, Ted Carter Preston, 15-10-0; 3 L Del Pinto, Complete Fisherman, 12-12-0; 4 M Liptrot, Saints, 10-4-0.

Kiveton Hall Farm (Sat)
Carp Lake (19 pegs)
In a tight finish Alan Rawden got the nod with 43-8-0 of carp taken on pole and pellet whilst in hot pursuit was Andy Pickton who opted for meat and ended the day second with 42-0-0.
Result: 1 A Rawden, Dawson’s Tackle, 43-8-0; 2 A Pickton, Kiveton Hall, 42-0-0; 3 T Davis, Old Whittington, 34-6-0; 4 M Rose, Max Tackle, 18-4-0; 5 P Massey, Bag-up Bait, 17-6-0; 6 D Oldfield, Kiveton Hall, 16-10-0.

Leeds Alan Thornton Christmas Cheer (Sun)
Yorkshire Ouse, Hunter’s Lodge & Linton (57 pegs)
Fished on a falling river that was still badly coloured bites were again hard to find and 15 roach proved enough to put Andy Bradley at the top of the frame. Drawn at Linton peg 287 Andy fished worm and maggot on a small feeder cast to the edge of the flow to net 4-4-0 of fish to 8oz. Mark Calvert and Jim Carter tied for second place with 4-1-0 from pegs 252 and 219 respectively using the same method as the winner.
Result: 1 A Bradley, Mirfield, 4-4-0; jt2 M Calvert, Garbolino Elton and J Carter, Barlby Village Stores, both 4-1-0; 4 J Cyrowski, Barlby Village Stores, 3-14-0; 5 C Stephenson, Altofts, 3-9-0; 6 S Lister, Browning Quaker, 3-5-0.

Lingmere Fisheries Rover (Sat)
Match Lake & Mere (19 pegs)
This was a rover match held across both lakes to allow anglers to choose comfortable pegs if they wished. Phil Roberts headed the frame on the main Mere and plonked himself on peg 57 where he went into an attack mode with soft pellet at 13m and got almost a bite-a-cast from F1 hybrids to 1lb for a 50-12-0 total. Runner-up Alan Dewhurst stayed on the Match Lake where he used waggler with maggot for 40-0-0 of barbel to 6lb.
Result: 1 P Roberts, Upton, 50-12-0; 2 A Dewhurst, Fisherman’s Tackle Birkenhead, 40-0-0; 3 C Doran, Widnes AC, 29-9-0; 4 J Howson, Maver, 26-8-0; 5 S Balson, Moreton, 16-12-0; 6 P Delmaine, Birkenhead, 15-10-0.

Liverpool DAA GOT Baits Winter League (round five)
Leeds-Liverpool Canal, Lydiate (40 pegs)
This was good fishing for a winter canal and Mike Dixon took first place with 13-8-0 from a peg at Pilling Lane. He concentrated on the deepest water with the pole at 6m into the boat channel and used worm throughout, an approach that turned up bream to 3lb, skimmers and eels.
With one match remaining it will need an almighty upset to beat the Liverpool AS team who look likely winners.
Result: 1 M Dixon, Maghull CA, 13-8-0; 2 A Wilson, Maghull CA, 7-7-1; 3 G Stokes, Tri-Cast Highfield, 7-5-7; 4 P Barker, Ted Carter Southport, 7-3-0; 5 P Charnock, Mersey Dockers, 5-6-0; 6 J Farrell, Liverpool AS, 5-5-0.
Teams: 1 Liverpool AS, 19pts; 2 Maghull CA, 26; 3 Tri-Cast Highfield, 27; 4 Ted Carter Southport, 28.
League: 1 Liverpool AS, 93pts; 2 Tri-Cast Highfield, 128; 3 Ted Carter Southport, 129; 4 MCA, 150.

Messingham Sands Silverfish Only (Sat)
Island Lake (18 pegs)
In a very close finish Goole’s John Palmer did enough with a skimmer-dominated 15-14-0 to win after alternating between pellet and maggot on the pole.
Result: 1 J Palmer, Goole, 15-14-0; 2 A Gregory, Scunthorpe, 15-5-0; 3 K Johnson, Messingham, 14-13-0.

Mirfield AC Series Six (round three)
Aire & Calder Canal, Stanley Ferry - Altofts (42 pegs)
Melt water from the Pennines made for a difficult match with little other than perch prepared to feed but Andy Miller had 40 of them plus a chub of 3lb to leave the rest standing with his 23-2-0 haul. The Bradford angler used chopped worm at peg 30 on the Altofts’ length. Second with 8-2-0 was Tadcaster-based Mick Hughes who used worm for a perch and a pike of 7lb leaving Phil Austin, Barlby, to complete the top three with 4-5-0 made up of 16 roach.
Result: 1 A Miller, Tackle 2U, 23-2-0; 2 M Hughes, Tadcaster, 8-2-0; 3 P Austin, Barlby Village Stores, 4-5-0; 4 D Grace, Pontefract, 3-10-0; 5 I Blakely, Saints, 3-0-0; 6 S Clegg, Saints, 1-15-0.

Mouncey League (round nine)
River Ancholme, Cake Mills (27 pegs)
Maver-backed Lee Harrison pulled himself level with long-time league leader Rich Pulford thanks to his winning performance at peg 1 where breadpunch brought him an all roach 14-9-0. With only one more round to fish both will be on their mettle next week. Four pegs below the winner Dave Padley, Brigg, fished the same way for 10-9-0 of roach, fish to 10oz again being taken.
Result: 1 L Harrison, Maver, 14-9-0; 2 D Padley, Brigg, 10-9-0; 3 W Easter, Brigg, 10-3-8; 4 R Pulford, Hull DAA, 10-1-8; 5 P Dimmock, Scunthorpe, 8-10-0; 6 D Mountford, Scunthorpe, 7-5-0.
League: Jt1 R Pulford, Hull DAA and L Harrison, Maver, both 72pts; jt3 D Brooks jnr, Ultimate Barnsley Blacks and W Easter, Brigg, both 66.

Newton-le-Willows Over 60s (Thurs)
Vulcan Reservoir (25 pegs)
Wind and rain played havoc with attempts to catch fish but Eddie McLorie was certainly on the method and won with 12-7-0. He fished from peg 26 on the lake and had eight small carp on the maggot feeder.
Result: 1 E McLorie, Newton, 12-7-0; 2 M Kadilec, Warrington, 4-2-0; E Cook, Warrington, 2-11-0

Northern AA (Sun)
Macclesfield Canal, Adlington (20 pegs)
A perch of 1lb 13oz caught mid-match on a piece of worm was a big boost for Carl Hawthorn and he went on to win with 5-9-0, the balance of his catch being small roach on breadpunch caught at 6m from peg 11.
Result: 1 C Hawthorn, Complete Angler, 5-9-0; 2 P Spencer, Mill’s Tackle, 3-5-0; 3 I Wilson, Ted Carter Preston, 2-5-0; 4 J Edwards, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 2-0-0; 3 S Smith, River Rods, 1-13-0; 6 M King, Macclesfield, 1-9-0.

Partridge Lakes (Sun)
Covey Canal Lakes (58 pegs)
Richard O’Connor made it two wins in a row when he put together a 52-12-0 catch at peg 100 on Canal 4. With low water temperatures he chose to fish sparingly and during the whole match he only used half a pint of white maggots and used single maggot on a small hook at 6m and 11m. Mirror and common carp to 3lb were the bulk of his catch and that was worth £130 in pools cash.
Result: 1 R O’Connor, Drennan NW, 52-12-0; 2 S Edwards, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 38-6-0; 3 J Kenning, Goole, 36-5-0; 4 S Knowle, Partridge, 35-1-0; 5 N Roberts, Rod ‘n Reel, 31-14-0; 6 l Coventry, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 29-0-0.

Partridge Lakes (Sat)
Covey Canal Lakes (21 pegs)
There was a big fall-off in attendance figures with a combination of shopping for Christmas and bad weather but the ever-present Dave Pimlott was on the bank and won with 27-5-0.  He drew peg 59 on Canal 3 where he stuck to white maggot at 6m and 12m to catch mainly F1 hybrids with an occasional small carp and skimmer mixed in.
Result: 1 D Pimlott, Garbolino Elton, 27-5-0; 2 B Roberts, Drennan NW, 21-11-0; 3 D Edwards, Rochdale Angling, 17-5-0; 4 M Reed, Garbolino Elton, 16-10-0; 5 S Conroy, Bait-Tech/Drennan NW, 16-1-0; 6 D Williams, Garbolino Elton, 15-4-0

Rosemary Wood Fisheries (Sun)
Moss Lake (18 pegs)
Patience coupled with careful feeding was the key to Mick Woolvine’s low-weight winning 15-9-0. The Maghull man drew peg 7 and worked with Method feeder and pellet for a net of small carp to 1lb 8oz.
Result: 1 M Woolvine, Ted Carter Southport,  15-9-0; 2 K Rothwell, Burscough Angling Supplies, 10-14-0; 3 P Peck, Maghull, 7-10-0; 4 F O'Reilly, Ray’s Tackle, 5-15-0; 5 P Dewhurst, Ted Carter Preston, 5-2-0; 6 J Elms, Liverpool AS, 4-8-0.

St Helen’s AA (Sun)
Carr Mill Dam (50 pegs)
Bill Thelwell took first place with 9-3-0 from peg 10 on the bottom bank. Sport dropped off after the cold snap and Bill decided to double hook with single red maggot on his bread feeder and caught skimmers and small roach.
Result: 1 W Thelwell, St Helen’s, 9-3-0; jt2 J Fletcher, Bury and R Smith, Bolton Angling, both 8-4-0; M McDermott, Manchester, 7-3-0; 5 S Fletcher, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 6-14-0; 6 S Stott, Leigh Tackle & Bait, Manchester, 6-1-0.

Scunthorpe Winter League (round five)
River Ancholme, Cake Mills (40 pegs)
The pegs below the dyke end had the edge and from peg 30 Dave Mountford put together a winning net of 10-14-0 for a clear win in an otherwise close frame. The Scunthorpe Tackle angler used worm and pole as did runner-up Rob Thompson, Grimsby Pelham, who had two big perch for 5lb topped up to 7-10-0 with smaller fish.
Result: 1 D Mountford, Scunthorpe Tackle, 10-14-0; 2 R Thompson, Grimsby Pelham, 7-10-0, 3 A Dyer, Garbolino Harrison’s Lincs County, 7-2-0; 4 B Brighton, Garbolino Harrison’s Lincs County, 7-0-0; 5 W Easter, Scunthorpe Tackle, 6-15-8; 6 C Reilly, Grimsby Pelham, 6-9-0.
Teams: 1 Scunthorpe Blue, 22pts; 2 Brigg Tackle, 23; 3 Garbolino Harrison’s Lincs County, 24; 4 Grimsby Pelham, 25; 5 Scunthorpe Tackle, 27.
League: 1 Scunthorpe Tackle, 146pts; 2 Garbolino Harrison’s Lincs County, 131; 3 Grimsby Pelham, 121; 4 Brigg Tackle, 114; 5 Scunthorpe Blue, 92.

Northwich DAA Winter League (round four)
River Weaver, Hartford (37 pegs)
Patchy describes the results aptly with the top four coming from a handful of pegs at Hunt’s Lock where winner Peter Watson caught 10-15-0 of skimmers on groundbait feeder and maggot.
Result: 1 P Watson, Ted Carter Southport, 10-15-0; 2 S Walton, Dave’s of Middlewich, 10-10-0; 3 K Taylor, Rudheath, 10-8-0; 4. J Warburton, Vale Royal Angling, 7-5-0.
Teams: 1 Ted Carter Southport, 29pts; 2 Trafford Angling, 25; 3 Vale Royal Angling, 20
League: 1 Ted Carter Southport, 103pts; jt2 Vale Royal Angling and Trafford Angling, both 92.

Thornaby AA Christmas Cheer (Sun)
River Tees (49 pegs)
The Tees was still 18 inches up and rose the same again during the Christmas Cheer Match at Croft and Hurworth but most competitors managed to find a fish or two. Thornaby’s Ant Smith won in fine style putting 12-11-0 on the scales. Fishing two pegs above the Hunting Bridge on peg 25 a mid-river attack with the cage feeder and bread left everybody well behind as he netted five chub. The next trio on the score sheet all tempted two chub apiece with the heaviest totalling 7-13-0 to Shildon’s Harry Growcock. Sat on peg 64 in the Salmon Pool, feeder and meat along the far side found his fish.
Result: 1 A Smith, Thornaby, 12-11-0; 2 H Growcock, Shildon, 7-13-0; 3 M Clitheroe, Darlington, 7-7-0; 4 M Watson, Darlington, 4-7-0; 5 D Wass, Thornaby, 3-7-0; 6 P Stainsby, Yarm Flynn’s, 3-6-0.

Wigan DAA (Sat)
Leeds-Liverpool Canal, Parbold (20 pegs)
The combination of being lucky at the draw bag and being able to catch fish keeps Alan Whalley more than covering his annual match fees and drives the others anglers barmy! This week he not only plucked the end peg 474 from the bag, but it put him on a bridge hole where he caught 5-15-0 of roach and seven small skimmers all on breadpunch fished at 5m and 13m.
Result: 1 A Whalley, Sam’s Tackle & Bait, 5-15-0; 2 K Stothers, Hindley MG, 4-15-0; 3 G Mortimer, Sensas North West, 3-14-8; 4 A Prescot, Coppull Anglers, 2-12-0; 5 T Fairhurst, Lostock Tackle Box, 2-10-8; 6 N Watson, Hindley MG, 1-10-8.

Wigan DAA Bob Tavener Christmas Match (Sun)
Leeds-Liverpool Canal, Burscough (68 pegs)
There was plenty of Christmas cheer for Dave Wells who went home £200 better off plus a bottle of whisky.  He was pegged on Gorst Lane and stayed long all day, fishing at 11m and 13m with breadpunch for small roach then later adding a brace of perch that contributed 1lb to his 6-15-0 total.
Result:  1 D Wells, Tri-Cast Rochdale, 6-15-0;jt2 K Anders, Octoplus Standish and A Marsden, Sam’s Tackle & Bait, both 4-6-8; 4 K North, Mosella NW, 3-12-8; 5 D Massey, Sam’s Tackle & Bait, 3-10-8; G Houlibecq, Bolton, 3-2-4.

Woodland Lakes (Weds)
Curlew, Partridge & Skylark Lakes (19 pegs)
Middlesbrough’s Ian Melton edged a tight midweek contest at Woodlands. Drawing Skylark Lake peg 13 he went for a bomb and corn approach taking a dozen carp – the best a mirror of 8lb - for 61-14-0 at the scales. West Yorkshire Police angler Steve Wood had to settle for second spot with 58-1-0.  Also on Skylark at peg 9 he varied baits between bread, meat and corn on the bomb catching three carp on each.
Result: 1 I Melton, Middlesbrough, 61-14-0; 2 S Wood, West Yorkshire Police, 58-1-0; 3 G Poole, Team Woodland Whites, 55-8-0.

Yarm AL TE Lealman Trophy (Sun)
River Tees, Yarm (28 pegs)
The Tees recovered from horrendous midweek floods and had a touch of flow and colour for Sunday’s Lealman Trophy. Bream were needed to make it into the frame and it was a Browning Quaker one-two with Chris Gowling winning with a runaway 14-5-0. Pegged on 167 below the paddock, groundbait feeder with maggot and pinkie accounted for three bream totalling 10lb along with a skimmer of 1lb 8oz backed by dace and roach. Teammate Malcolm Dunlop on peg 188 above the golf course landed a lone bream of 4lb along with small fish for 6-14-0.
Result: 1 C Gowling, Browning Quaker, 14-5-0; 2 M Dunlop, Browning Quaker, 6-14-0; 3 B Walker, Darlington Angling Centre, 6-2-0; 4 G Douglas, Daiwa Cleveland Angling Centre, 5-13-0; 5 A Dargue, Browning Quaker, 4-10-0; 6 B Percival, Maver Newman Scott, 4-6-0.

Cudmore Fisheries
Suez Canal (20 pegs)
Result: 1 K Stevenson, Bay Malton, 23-8-0; 2 M Kearns, Stapeley Cudmore, 14-12-0; 3 G Skerritt, Maver/Pickering’s, 14-2-0; Jt4 P Bowyer, Protak Team Barlow’s and I Sinker, Stapeley Cudmore, both 13-0-0; 6 K Dennis, Ultimate Pellet, 11-6-0.

Cudmore Fisheries Winter League (round five)
Milo, Suez, Brewster’s, Arena & New Pools 1 & 5 (56 pegs)
Result: 1 C Whittaker, Protak Team Barlow’s, 55-14-0; 2 D McManus, Ted Carter Southport Blue, 49-4-0; 3 A Sheppard, Cudmore Renegades, 47-0-0; 4 C Gorrell, Ted Carter Southport Blue, 39-8-0; 5 S Roberts, Cudmore Nomads, 38-8-0; 6 F Cooke, Ray’s Tackle, 37-0-0.
Teams: 1 Ted Carter Southport Blue, 9pts; jt2 Cudmore Nomads, Ted Carter Southport Green and Ray’s Tackle, all 14.
League: 1 Ted Carter Southport Blue, 52pts; 2 Ray’s Tackle, 60; 3 MAP/Garbolino/Bait-Tech, 62; 4 Marukyu Baits, 70.

Garbolino Lindholme Lakes (Sat)
Bonsai Lake (25 pegs)
Result: 1 J Allerton, Tri-Cast, 53-11-0; 2 B Fisk, Middy, 38-13-0; 3 N Speed, Shimano/Dynamite Baits, 37-12-0; 4 A Dockerty, Garbolino Lindholme, 34-10-0.
Garbolino Lindholme Lakes (Sun)
Laurels Lake (21 pegs)
Result: 1 N Fisher, Dynamite Baits, 48-13-0; 2 J Allerton, Tri-Cast, 38-12-0; 3 S Ellis, Moorfields, 36-8-0; 4 M Pillay, Maver/Dynamite Baits, 36-1-0.

Messingham Sands (Sun)
Swan Pond (14 pegs)
Result: 1 S Bingham, Gainsborough, 35-8-0; 2 W Langdale, Scunthorpe, 26-4-0; 3 T Noon, Hull, 19-8-0.

Messingham Sands (Sun)
Tripp Pond (17 pegs)
Result: 1 N Lowrey, Scunthorpe, 44-12-0; 2 D Murten, Doncaster, 43-8-0; 3 G Hansford, Grimsby, 34-2-0; 4 C Sweetnam, Kiveton Hall, 30-4-0.

Northwich DAA (Sat)
River Weaver, Willow Beds (20 pegs)
Result: 1 R Evans, Vale Royal Angling, 2-13-0; 2 M Lenihan, Bailey’s Tackle, 2-2-0; 3 A Clegg, Northwich, 1-14-0; 4 M Brown, Vale Royal Angling, 1-6-0.

Oaks Lakes (Sat)
Cedar Lake (15 pegs)
Result: 1 R Singh, Garbolino Elton, 28-6-0; 2 M Bailey, Garbolino Elton, 15-7-0; 3 M Britton, The Oaks, 12-9-0.

Oaks Lakes (Sun)
Ash & Beech Lakes (12 pegs)
Result: 1 R Sowerby, The Oaks, 58-7-0; 2 A Stock, Cleveland Angling Centre, 41-5-0; 3 R Singh, Garbolino Elton, 32-8-0.

Viking Fishery (Sat)
Dee Pond (17 pegs)
Result: 1 J Kenning, Goole, 28-13-0; 2 F Williamson, Knottingley, 27-6-0; 3 S Fotheringham, Leeds, 19-13-0.

Wombwell (Sat)
Wombwell Dam (11 pegs)
Result: 1 D Micklethwaite, Barnsley DAA, 37-10-0; 2 J King, Wombwell, 25-8-0; 3 P Harrison, Wombwell, 16-4-0.

West Woodside Winter League (Sun)
Bessie’s Lake (10 pegs)
Result: 1 B Morris, SPRO Lincoln Whisby, 19-1-0; 2 A Lakey, Worksop Angling Supplies, 18-14-0; 3 A Waites, Scunthorpe Tackle, 17-13-0.

Woodland Lakes (Sat)
Curlew & Kestrel Lakes (24 pegs)
Result: 1 A Dargue, Browning Quaker, 21-11-0; 2 M Hare, RSPS, 15-14-0; 3 P Newman, Woodland Tackle, 14-7-0.

Woodland Lakes (Sun)
Curlew & Wagtail Lakes (19 pegs)
Result: 1 A Richards, Browning, 32-1-0; 2 P Fletcher, Team Woodland Whites, 29-3-0; 3 K Golightly, Shotton MG, 21-14-0.