Open and club match fishing results - Midlands and North

Here's a round-up of last week's open and club match fishing results from the Midlands and North of Britain...

Angling Trust Eastern Winter League (round two)

Selby Canal (90 pegs)
Daiwa Dons’ Mark Bawden topped the frame in Round Two with 10-0-0 after landing a brace of tench with a best fish of 5lb to which he added small roach and skimmers also taken on chopped worm fished well across. Mark was drawn at peg 34 on the York water whilst at peg 1 on the same stretch John Plows fished that same way to take 8-1-0 again made up of two tench and bits.
Result: 1 M Bawden, Daiwa Dons, 10-0-0; 2 J Plows, Tri-Cast Calder, 8-1-0; 3 A Shaw, Sensas Walton, 7-10-0; 4 D White, Ultimate Barnsley Blacks, 7-9-0; Jt5 G Ashcroft, Colmic Stainforth & S Lowther, Daiwa Dons both 7-6-0.
Teams: 1 Garbolino Ossett, 39pts; jt2 Daiwa Dons and Ultimate Barnsley Blacks, both 42; 4 Tri-Cast Calder, 45; 5 Sensas Walton, 46.
League: 1 Garbolino Ossett, 3pts; 2 Daiwa Dons, 5; 3 Sensas North, 7; jt4 Tri-Cast Calder and Ultimate Barnsley Blacks, both 8.
Bannister House Fisheries (Sun)
Match Canal Lake (25 pegs)
High winds thwarted long pole tactics planned by Andy Davies but he managed to win anyway, using a groundbait feeder to a gap in the far bank from peg 33 and catching carp and chub for 72-15-0.
Result: 1 A Davies, Tri-Cast Highfield, 72-15-0; 2 K Owen, Ray's Tackle, 56-6-0; 3 M Kay, Elton Tackle, 50-3-0; 4 D Morgan, Rochdale Angling Centre, 47-4-0; 5 I Grant, Burscough Angling Supplies, 46-2-0; 6 N Charnock, Bannister House, 45-10-0.

Blundell’s Fishery Rover (Sat)

All lakes (36 pegs)
It was Trio Pool that once again produced the leading catches headed by a 126-5-0 net from John McFarland. He was on peg 47 and caught carp to 3lb for most of the session on 4m pole and pellet paste.
Result: 1 J McFarland, Rochdale Angling Centre, 126-5-0; 2 M Billingham, Hazel Grove Angling Centre, 110-9-0; 3 P Duffy, Trafford Angling, 78-15-0; 4 J Howarth, Leigh Tackle & Bait , 72-3-0; 5 L McCarthy, Trafford Angling, 70-3-0; 6 D McGuire, Mosella, 63-5-0.
Blundell’s Fishery Rover (Sat)
All lakes (36 pegs)
Birkenhead’s Barry Bush is certainly on a roll and got a third win in two weeks after choosing to fish Trio Pool for small carp. He decided on peg 3 where he polefished the inside shelf at 3m and a sand bar at 13m with corn for a 79-5-0 net of carp to 2lb.
Result: 1 B Bush, North West Worms, 79-5-0; 2 G Whalley, Bait-Tech, 72-15-0; 3 D McGuire, Mosella, 61-15-0; 4 A Howarth, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 61-2-0; 6 M Billingham, Hazel Grove Angling Centre, 57-3-0.
Bradshaw Hall Fisheries (Sun)

Lake No 8 (24 pegs)
Fishing was good and Steve Hall made the most of it by putting together exactly 50-0-0 from peg 41 where he caught chub, carp and tench, on soft pellet and 13m pole.
Result: 1 S Hall, Middleton, 50-0-0; 2 G Smith, Rochdale Angling, 43-5-0; 3 P Cunnliffe, Guilder's Tackle, 35-8-0; 4 G Terry, Little Lever, 27-0-0; 5 R Windsor, Little Lever, 26-8-0; 6 S Leach, Tottington, 19-0-0.

Brookside Fisheries (Sun)

Snake Lake (37 pegs)
Dean Edwards romped into first place with 115-6-0 fishing peg 22 on the canal. Despite a strong wind he managed to offer soft pellet along the far bank at 12m where he caught carp to 5lb, though most of his catch was made up of smaller fish.
Result: 1 D Edwards, Rochdale Angling, 115-6-0; 2 P Jones, Bait-Tech, 60-12-0; 3 A Butler, Mosella, 56-4-0; 4 J Jones, Garbolino Elton, 50-12-0; 5 S Carrier, Fisherman's Tackle, 48-2-0; 6 S Burgess, Garbolino Elton, 47-12-0.
Brookside Fisheries (Sat)
Snake Lake (28 pegs)
Small carp were active on the canal and Mike Rogerson went after them with an 11m pole and maggot on the hook to finish in first place with 57-12-0 at peg 59.
Result: 1 M Rogerson, Drennan NW, 57-12-0; 2 J Shellam, Stalybridge, 50-0-0; 3 P Jones, Bait-Tech, 46-2-0; 4 M Benson, Widnes Angling Centre, 44-2-0; 6 S Carrier, Fisherman's Tackle, 41-2-0; 6 J Battersby, Garbolino Elton, 40-2-0.
Calder League (round five)

River Calder, Brighouse (58 pegs)
The Calder was 3ft up and it was a hard match for most for the penultimate fixture, Mirfield’s Ian Daley needing just 8-7-0 for victory. Drawn on the Pear Tree length, Ian fished the pole at 5m in the nearside slack with maggot on the hook and took a super ide of 5lb backed by perch. Next was Stan Haigh of Punkies 8 who was on the Cooper Bridge length and legered lobworm netting two chub and three perch for 7-8-0. Tackle 2U won on the day with 47 points but Punkies 8 hold a slender lead overall going into the final fixture.
Result: 1 I Daley, Mirfield, 8-7-0; 2 S Haigh, Punkies 8, 7-8-0; 3 T Hewitt, Punkies 8, 5-10-0; 4 T Peel, Ultimate Barnsley Blacks, 4-6-0; 5 S Newns, Ultimate Barnsley Blacks, 3-12-0; 6 A Dobie, Punkies 8, 3-8-0.
Teams: 1 Tackle 2U, 47pts; 2 Punkies 8, 43; jt3 Ultimate Barnsley Blacks and Bradford No 1 AA, both 38.
League: 1 Punkies 8, 32pts; 2 Ultimate Barnsley Blacks, 301/2; 3 Mirfield, 30.
Dave Rayner Memorial

Yorkshire Ouse, Nun Monkton (31 pegs)
Float-fished maggot at peg 3 proved a winning combination for Steve Smith as it brought two good perch and around 5lb of roach for an all-up 6-11-0. Second place fell to Ian Parker who drew on the noted barbel area at peg 16. He had to hold his nerve until late in the match when his only bite of the day resulted in a fish of 5-15-0.
Result: 1 S Smith, Aireborough, 6-11-0; 2 I Parker, Boston Spa, 5-15-0; 3 D Firkin, Aireborough, 5-2-0; 4 S Warr, Wibsey, 3-14-0; 5 T Hewson, Leeds Angling Centre, 3-13-0; 6 S Jeffries, Leeds Angling Centre, 3-12-0.
Hampton Springs (Sat)

Rock Pool (16 pegs)
Using the Method feeder to an island at peg 28, Gary Baugh caught carp between 3lb and 7lb on pellet but later changed to pole with meat and corn to give a late boost to sport.
Result: 1 G Baugh, Chester Tackle Locke, 65-4-0; 2 P Weaver, Chester Tackle Locker, 46-0-0; 3 P Price, Saints, 44-4-0; 4 M Payne, Chester Tackle Locker, 43-8-0.

Highfield Fisheries (Sun)

Oak Lake (16 pegs)
Switching between the Method feeder and a 13m pole to combat the blustery conditions, Paul Casson compiled a 69-6-0 total consisting of carp to 4lb on soft pellet from peg 33.
Result: 1 P Casson, Lostock Tackle Box, 69-6-0; 2 B Watson, Ted Carter Preston, 51-12-0; 3 D Ryan, Ted Carter Southport, 46-8-0; 4 M Dewhurst, St Anthony's AC, 44-12-0; 5 K Scott, Highfield Fisheries, 42-8-0; 6 D Cheetham, Ted Carter Preston, 35-4-0.

Highfield Fisheries (Sat)

Oak Lake (16 pegs)
Having been battered by midweek gales sport began to recover and Stuart Kennedy took first place with 56-10-0 off peg 33 after catching small carp on pellet fished on the Method feeder.
Result: 1 S Kennedy, Ted Carter Preston, 56-10-0; 2 C Webster, Fleetwood Reservoir, 50-8-0; 3 N Lumb, Highfield Fishery, 45-4-0; 4 B Watson, Ted Carter Preston, Lancashire, 39-4-0.
Leeds Summer League (round seven)

Yorkshire Ouse, Hunter’s Lodge & Linton (30 pegs)
Cooling rapidly and rising the Ouse proved a hard taskmaster for this penultimate round but Andy Bradley made the best of what was in front of him to win and bring himself a within three points of league leader Pete Barron. Mirfield rod Andy drew five below the Willowgarth and offered worm on the feeder to mid-river. With just two perch and an eel to show going into the last hour things looked grim but a 6lb bream came to his rescue and saw him finish with 7-2-0 in his net. Stan Haig collected the second place coin from peg 245 at Linton with 6-2-0 made up of a beam of 3lb with a good skimmers and bits again taken on the feeder.
Result: 1 A Bradley, Mirfield AC, 7-2-0; 2 S Haig, Angler’s World Holidays, 6-2-0; 3 I Bates, Leeds, 4-1-0; 4 K Ashmore, Ultimate Barnsley, Blacks 3-1-0; 5 K Hobson, Ultimate Barnsley Blacks, 2-4-0; jt6 P Barron, Tackle 2U and N Speight, Leeds, both 2-2-0.
League: 1 P Barron, Tackle 2U, 85pts; 2 A Bradley, Mirfield AC, 82; 3 N Speight, Leeds, 77.

Lingmere Fisheries (Sat)

Match Lake (19 pegs)
Steve Openshaw with a net scaling 49-4-0 scored his second win of the week while drawn on the island swim 21 by polefishing at 13m with maggot for a mix of ide and F1s.
Result: 1 S Openshaw, Fisherman's Tackle, 49-4-0; 2 A Dewhurst, Fisherman's Tackle Birkenhead, 41-10-0; 3 P Henry, Wallasey, 32-2-0; 4 J Cloney, Liverpool, 48-12-0; 5 A Kirk, Bidston, 27-12-0; 6 A Moran, Vine Baits, 21-12-0.

Meadow View Fisheries (Sun)

Lark Pool (22 pegs)
Paul Ledgerton had enough for a win when he weighed-in with 42-8-0 after fishing with Method feeder and red maggot that produced carp and a best fish of 7lb.
Result: 1 P Ledgerton, Widnes, 42-8-0; 2 L Gibbon, Ray's Tackle Liverpool, 33-6-0; 3 M Tighe, Gilder's Tackle, 30-0-0; 4 M Thompson, Trafford Angling, 26-0-0; 5 S Boyd, Saints, 18-10-0; 6 E Jones, Liverpool, 16-2-0.
Moorfields Farm 100lb Club Final

Main Lake (32 pegs)
Hopes of big weights vanished as the mercury fell during the preceeding week but Alec Johnson gave the 100lb barrier a serious rattle to win this elite event. He pinned his hopes on maggot fished at 10m & 12m to take carp to 5lb on his way to a 99-1-0 finish.
Result: 1 A Johnson, Moorfields, 99-1-0; 2 M Booth, Lindholme, 86-10-0; 3 M Heptinstall, Moorfields, 76-0-0; 4 A Waters, Moorfields, 58-14-0; 5 H Bignall, Smartbait, 58-10-0; 6 J Kenning, Goole, 53-8-0.
Mouncey League (round one)

River Ancholme, Cake Mills (27 pegs)
Unusually for the early rounds of the league none of the river’s big tench showed and anglers have to content themselves with fishing for perch and roach. Simon Fields top scored with 7-14-0 of perch taken on worm at peg 27. Second place fell to Lee Harrison at peg 7 where breadpunch got the better of 7-6-0 of roach.
Result: 1 S Fields, Ultimate Barnsley Blacks, 7-14-0; 2 L Harrison, Maver, 7-6-0; 3 R Pulford, Hull DAA, 6-14-0; 4 W Easter, Brigg, 5-2-8; 5 R Benn, Sensas Walton, 4-9-0; 6 P Iveson, Scunthorpe, 4-8-8.

Northwich DAA (Sat)

River Weaver, Willow Beds (22 pegs)
Weaver fan Reg Evans won with 17-10-0, a catch of skimmers and roach all caught on red and white maggot fished on the groundbait feeder from peg 47.
Result: 1 R Evans, Fisherman's Tackle Birkenhead, 17-10-0; 2 A Hamlett, Dave's of Middlewich, 13-10-0; 3 K Simpson, Vale Royal Angling, 12-15-0; 4 C Webb, Rudheath, 10-10-0; 5 K Smith, Vale Royal Angling, 7-11-0; 6 T Kimberley, Pickering's Tackle, 7-6-0.

Northwich Winter League (round two)

River Weaver, Northwich (35 pegs)
Fishing the whip with hemp produced 10lb of roach for winner Andy Hamlett, Dave's of Middlewich from peg 270 at Newbridge. He added a skimmers on maggot and groundbait feeder to make his 14-5-0 total.
Result: 1 A Hamlett, Dave's of Middlewich, 14-2-0; 2 F Slater, Gloworms, 14-2-0; 3 I Belfield, Vale Royal Angling, 10-15-0; 4 T Wright, Gloworms, 9-9-0; 5 G Webster, Trafford Angling, 8-2-0; 6 B Bull, Rudheath, 7-4-0.
Teams: 1 Trafford Angling, 26pts; 2 Vale Royal Angling, 25; 3 Gloworms, 21.
League: 1 Vale Royal Angling, 49pts; 2 Ted Carter Preston, 44; 3 Trafford Angling, 42

Partridge Lakes (Sun)

Covey Canal Lake (58 pegs)
Despite it being wet and windy there were enough men on the bank to make it the biggest open match in the area and Dave Swain caught 93-0-0 to pocket £130. He drew peg 75 – an area that has been fishing consistently well of late – and made full use of a decent draw to catch mirror carp to 5lb, small commons, ide and F1s on red maggot fished at 3m.
Result: 1 D Swain, Garbolino, 93-0-0; 2 L Addy, Drennan NW, 81-11-0; 3 G Scott, Rochdale Angling, 81-2-0; 4 P Southall. Tri-Cast Highfield, 74-10-0; 5 S Beswick, North West Worms, 72-15-0; 6 D Pimlott, Garbolino Elton, 68-1-0.

Partridge Lakes Fisheries (Sat)

Covey Canal Lakes (30 pegs)
Carrying on from where he left off last Sunday with an 87lb win, Mike Reed worked with his usual simple rig of the top two pole sections and soft pellet to catch 71-13-0 of small carp, ide and F1s on peg 75.
Result: 1 M Reed, Garbolino Elton, 71-13-0; 2 J Jones, Garbolino Elton, 65-13-0; 3 C Scott, Garbolino Elton, 60-15-0; 4 R Brander, Warrington, 58-12-0; 5 S Beswick, North West Worms, 53-7-0; 6 M Lucas, Mosella, 52-7-0.
Pennine Winter League (round five)

Rochdale Canal, Todmorden (54 pegs)
The lock peg at the top of the Gas Works length is well known for its resident carp and it proved to be a winning draw for Carp Hawthorn of the Old Gits side. Three fish got the better of him but the one he did land at 9-13-0 was enough to earn him the plaudits. Maver NW White’s Frank Szakerley claimed second from three below the winner. Frank offered double corn on the Method feeder for carp but only found three skimmers before changing to more appropriate skimmer gear to top up his net to 7-0-0.
Result: 1 C Hawthorne, Old Gits, 9-13-0; 2 F Szakerley, Maver NW White, 7-0-0; 3 G Bateman, Tri-Cast Calder, 5-4-0; 4 D Greenwood, Maver NW Black, 4-14-0; jt5 S Walton, Maver NW Red & D Kershaw, Trabucco Halifax Black both 4-9-0.
Teams: 1 Trabucco Halifax Black, 38pts, 2 Trabucco Halifax Blue, 34; jt3 Tri-Cast Calder and Maver NW Red, both 33.
League: 1 Maver NW Red, 200; 2 Trabucco Halifax Black, 164; 3 Trabucco Halifax Blue, 161; 4 Maver NW Black, 158.
Rosemary Wood Fisheries (Sun)

Island Pool (24 pegs)
Shaun Walker did well to finish with 61-0-0 in difficult conditions and ended up with an all-carp catch from peg 7 after using Method feeder with pellet and 13m pole.
Result: 1 S Walker, Ted Carter Preston, 61-0-0; 2 D Warren, Liverpool, 51-6-0; 3 M Woolvine, Ted Carter Southport, 50-10-0; 4 P Wharton, Trafford Angling, 38-8-0; 5 P Dewhurst, Ted Carter Preston, 36-0-0

Sam's Tackle & Bait Autumn League (round three)

Leeds-Liverpool Canal, Burscough (68 pegs)
The end peg on the car park at Burscough gave Ant Marsden a clear advantage which he took well and led to a 13-11-0 catch worth £225 from the pools. He swapped and changed between the pole at 9m and 12m to catch roach on hemp and breadpunch. Worm produced four eels and a last-cast 2lb bream to seal the win.
Result: 1 A Marsden, Sam's Tackle Blue, 13-11-0; 2 C Blurton, Maver NW, 9-5-0; 3 J Leeds, Tri Cast Rochdale, 8-10-12; 4 K Gary, Hindley MG, 7-11-6; 5 D Turner, Tri-Cast Rochdale, 7-9-0; 6 C Robinson, Ted Carter Preston, 7-8-0.
Teams: Jt1 Ted Carter Preston and Sam's Tackle Blue, both 21pts; 3 Sam's Tackle Red 23; Maver NW 24.
League: 1 Ted Carter Preston 45pts; 2 Maver NW 77; 3 Sam's Tackle Red 78; 4 Mosella Black 81.

St Helen's AA (Sat)

Carr Mill Dam (30 pegs)
There was a bit of a tussle on the sunshine banks as match winner Jim Hines worked towards a 17-7-0 total at peg 81, while next door was Dennis Knight who worked hard but could only muster 12-11-0. Jimmy’s catch was mainly skimmers taken on groundbait feeder and red maggot.
Result: 1 J Hines, Dynamite Baits, 17-7-0; 2 D Knight, Wigan, 12-11-0; 3 G Simm, Bolton Angling Centre, 12-2-0; jt4 L Addy, Drennan NW and P Clibburn, Wigan, both 10-6-0; 6 D Alsop, St Helen's, 10-4-0.
Thornaby AA Centenary Cup

River Tees, Croft - Hurworth (41 pegs)
The river was a foot up at the start and then rose about 2ft and it was a matter of fishing the stick float right down the near bank to winkle out dace and ounces were critical. Just one ounce ahead, Josh Newton of Browning Quaker drew the hunting bridge at peg 27 and introduced a bit of groundbait and edged stick float and maggot down the side picking up small dace and a few grayling for 10-4-0. Darlington’s Mick Clitheroe followed off peg 49. Fishing stick and maggot but loosefeeding caster he took dace plus one grayling for 10-3-0.
Result: 1 J Newton, Browning Quaker, 10-4-0; 2 M Clitheroe, Darlington, 10-3-0; 3 R Newton, Yarm, 10-2-0; 4 S Chantry, Darlington, 9-14-0; 5 P Stainsby, Flynns Tackle, 6-8-0; 6 M Grainger, Billingham, 6-3-0.
Wigan DAA (Sat)

Leeds-Liverpool Canal, Ring O’ Bells (35 pegs)
Chris Birchall scratched around peg 616 starting with breadpunch at 11m, then hemp at 14m to catch roach and eventually dropping into the boat channel with worm for a few eels to make the 4-12-0 winner.
Result: 1 C Birchall, Sam's Tackle & Bait, 4-12-0; 2 L Stringfellow, Wigan DAA, 3-10-8; 3 N Watson, Hindley MG, 3-9-12; 4 C Cliffe, Ted Carter Preston, 3-0-12; 5 D Shaw, Maver NW, 3-0-8; 6 D Martin, Sam's Tackle & Bait, 2-12-4.
Woodland Lakes

Partridge, Skylark & Curlew Lakes (38 pegs)
Browning Quaker’s Brian Armstrong nicked the verdict during Saturday’s open at Woodlands recording 89-14-0. Drawn on Partridge Lake peg 33, it was a combination of long and short pole and the bomb tempting carp to 9lb all falling to pellet. For Davy Cain of Woodland Tackle he fished the long pole throughout on nearby Partridge peg 36.Davy landed some better quality fish with mirrors up to 12lb on pellet but slipped into runners-up spot with 86-13-0.
Result: 1 B Armstrong, Browning Quaker, 89-14-0; 2 D Cain, Woodland Tackle, 86-13-0; 3 M Buttle, Woodland Tackle, 74-13-0; 4 P Sellars, Team Woodland Whites, 69-12-0; 5 G Inglis, Team Woodland Whites, 57-1-0; 6 M Dunlop, Browning Quaker, 52-5-0.

Woodland Lakes

Curlew & Wagtail Lakes (28 pegs)
Come Sunday at Woodlands, Anthony Stock of Cleveland Angling Centre got comfortably ahead putting 72-3-0 on the scales. Alternating between the long and short pole at 6m and 13m, Curlew Lake peg 21 produced carp to 9lb on pellet. Jonny Madison of Browning Quaker on Curlew peg 24 found the long pole and pellet to his advantage and caught carp at 14m along with a bream of 3lb plus a few roach and perch for 61-14-0.
Result: 1 A Stock, Cleveland Angling Centre, 72-3-0; 2 J Madison, Browning Quaker, 61-14-0; 3 M Hibberd, Woodland Tackle, 57-12-0; 4 M Lovelass, Browning Quaker, 45-5-0; 5 C Spencer, Tri-Cast Guiseley, 45-3-0; 6 P Fletcher, Team Woodland Whites, 39-5-0.
Yarm AL Williams Cup

River Tees (30 pegs)
The golf course section dominated the Williams Cup on a patchy Tees below Yarm and Darlington Angling Centre’s Nigel Rance worked hard for a match winning 20-9-0.Drawing peg 183, opposite Whitehouse Farm, groundbait feeder and worm brought three decent bream plus seven skimmers and perch. The end peg came good for Derek Parrington of Cleveland Angling Centre. Swapping between the long pole and feeder down the middle Derek netted four bream along with skimmers and perch on maggot and worm hook aits to just miss out with 19-11-0.
Result: 1 N Rance, Darlington Angling Centre, 20-9-0; 2 D Parrington, Cleveland Angling Centre, 19-11-0; 3 D Reaney, Yarm, 15-10-0; 4 P Rambow Jnr, Darlington Angling Centre, 14-13-0; 5 P Noble, Darlington Angling Centre, 5-14-0; 6 I Lumb, Maver Newman Scott, 5-12-0.

York DAA John Smith's Hospital Cup

Yorkshire Ouse (31 pegs)
What a match on the Ouse below the City for the John Smith's Hospital 0pen when the winner bagged a super haul of 50-6-0 and such was the standard of sport that sixth spot required 30-8-0! Top man on the day Wayne Shilitto of Selby was drawn on the palace bend. Fishing groundbait feeder and caster, alternating between worm, maggot and caster on the hook, it was bites galore as Wayne slipped the landing net under 10 bream in the 3lb to 4lb range, backed by a succession of skimmers. Bob Morris of Acomb Tackle on most days would have won with a level 43-0-0 but was relegated to second place. Pegged above the bridge in donkey woods, 13 bream fell to feeder and worm.
Result: 1 W Shilitto, Selby, 50-6-0; 2 B Morris, Acomb Tackle, 43-0-0; 3 M Doyle, Leeds, 38-8-0; 4 J Cyrowski, Barlby Village Stores, 36-4-0; 5 D Hardy, Bradford, 35-10-0; 6 T Harrison, Angler's World Holidays, 30-8-0.
Kiveton Waters

Lake Two (16 pegs)
Result: 1 C Lowe, Kiveton Waters, 71-1-0; 2 S Stenton, Tardis Tackle, 53-11-0; 3 P Mansell, Kiveton Waters, 47-9-0.
Langwith Lakes
Knaresborough Piscatorials
River Nidd (21 pegs)
Result: 1 E McEvoy, Knaresborough, 4-14-0; 2 T Coomber, York, 4-10-08; B Bramley, Knaresborough, 4-2-0.
Langwith Lakes

Anya’s & Emma’s Lakes (26 pegs)
Result: 1 M Sykes, Langwith, 91-8-0; 2 T Bell, York Tackle, 71-8-0; 3 D Richardson, Langwith, 65-12-0; 4 W Forthrop, Langwith, 58-11-0; 5 P Jones, Langwith, 55-6-0; 6 L Bramham, Leeds, 54-14-0.
Oaktree Leisure

Pond Four (20 pegs)
Result: 1 G Linley, Oaktree, 54-0-0; 2 G Pawlett, Oaktree, 37-4-0; 3 S Law, Beechwood, 27-0-0; 4 A Neesham, Maver Newman Scott, 26-8-0; jt5 R Barker, Browning Quaker and T Bainbridge, Acomb Tackle, both 22-8-0.
Oaks Lakes

Cedar Lake (17 pegs)
Result: 1 I Bowman, Ultimate Barnsley Blacks, 67-5-0; 2 I Bailey, Cleveland Angling Centre, 56-3-0; 3 M Calvert, Garbolino Elton, 53-12-0.

Oaks Lakes

Beech & Sycamore Lakes (12 pegs)
Result: 1 P Sellars, Garbolino Elton, 105-13-0; 2 C Hall, The Oaks, 91-4-0; 3 A Barker, Garbolino Ossett, 76-7-0.