Old school tactics work best for barbel

“Forget pellets on the River Trent if you want to catch big nets of barbel.”

That’s the advice from a group of match anglers who have been getting stunning results after breaking out the worms and casters.

Fishing on the tidal stretches of the waterway around North Clifton and Laughterton, Lincoln lads Dean Smith and Alan Henry have caught 50lb-plus bags of species with individual fish into double figures, by using an approach normally reserved for the bream of the famous river.

Dean in particular has enjoyed a great start to the season with several match wins thanks to reverting back to the old school approach.

“In a way we stumbled on using worms because as a match angler you’re always after catching everything rather than picking out a single species,” SPRO and Dynamite Baits-backed Alan said. “We noticed that fishing worm and caster still caught barbel whereas the lads fishing pellet weren’t getting them. I think the fish have become very wary of pellet, they see so much of it as there are lots of barbel anglers on the river putting in lots of bait.”

See tomorrow’s Angling Times for a full lowdown on the tips, tactics and tricks that the lads have been using to get the very best out of their forward-thinking approach.