North open match results

Blundell’s Fishery Rover
All lakes (29 pegs)
With 70 ide in the net after catching on caster at 9m backed by carp at 9mt with meat, Mike Billingham (Hazelgrove Angling Centre) recorded a PB from peg 55 on Ash Pool when he tipped 162-13-0 on to the scales.
Result: 1 M Billingham, Hazel Grove Angling Centre, 162-13-0; 2 K Rich, Daiwa, 143-11-0; 3 L Thornton, Bag 'Em Baits, 128-3-0; 4 J Kerwin, Fisherman's Way Bury, 126-15-0; 5 T Platt, DD Aware, 108-0-0; 8 A Musgrove, Edgley Sports, 101-5-0.
Brookside Fisheries
Snake Lake (31 pegs)
The canal is fishing well and Wayne Kearney put his 115-10-0 winning net together from peg 40 where he pole fished 10m to catch ide and carp to 2lb on pellet and maggot.
Result: 1 W Kearney, Tri-Cast Rochdale, 115-10-0; 2 S Conroy, Drennan NW, 102-2-0; 3 P Jones, Bait-Tech, 86-12-0; 4 J Battersby, Garbolino Elton, 73-12-0; 5 A Metcalfe, Ray's Tackle, 73-0-0; 6 A Atkinson, Edgeley Sports, 71-8-0.
Durham County CIU Teams
River Tees (32 pegs)
Haughton A’s John Bainbridge enjoyed the double winning individually and leading his team of four to victory during the CIU Champs at Over Dinsdale. On peg 12 at Bolton Park run off, stick float and maggot down the nearside brought two quality chub of 4lb apiece backed by lots of dace for an impressive 21-11-0.
Eric Willans and Martin Chapman tied for second spot with 15-4-0. Eric on peg 17 took three chub on the tip and meat plus perch on the worm while Martin included a 7lb 11oz barbel on meat backed by dace and perch off peg 10.
Teams: 1 Haughton A 28 pts; 2 Belmont, 24; 3 Darlington WMC 20,
Result: 1 J Bainbridge, Haughton A, 21-11-0; jt 2 E Willans, Darlington WMC and M Chapman, Harrowgate Hill, both 15-4-0; 4 N Jose, Haughton B, 14-8-0; 5 J Whitehouse, Albert Hill, 10-12-0; 6 S Brennan, Albert Hill, 10-5-0.
Hampton Springs
Long Island Pool (21 pegs)
Tench and carp featured in Charlie Mayer’s winning 56-4-0. The Chester man drew peg 28 where he pole fished at 8m along the bank while changing between pellet and caster.
Result: 1 C Mayer, Deggy’s Tackle, 56-4-0; 2 J Hughes, Maver/Bag 'Em Baits, 55-12-0; 3 B Davies, Deeside Tackle, 54-8-0; 4 C Doran, Widnes AC, 50-12-0; 5 S Openshaw, Fisherman's Tackle, 46-14-0; 6 J Howson, Maver, 40-6-0.
Lower Tees AA Tees Masters
River Tees (59 pegs)
The Tees Masters was staged on the Ingleby to Bowesfield reaches of the Tees and sport was hard going with no flow and a black peaty stain in the river as Cleveland Angling Centre’s George Webb won a peg for peg battle with Shotton’s Stevie Maitland, winner of the previous open.
Drawn on 98 and 97 respectively below the bridge, George edged comfortably ahead with 25-6-0. Opting for groundbait feeder with worm and maggot down the middle, he included five good bream plus skimmers and perch while next door Stevie was relegated to second spot. It was more or less the same story tacticswise, locating four bream, nine skimmers and a perch for 19-4-0 at the scales.
Daiwa Cleveland finished top team on the day with a six man total of 39-11-0 to lift the trophy.
Result: 1 G Webb, Cleveland Angling Centre, 25-6-0; 2 S Maitland, Shotton MG, 19-4-0; 3 D Raymond, Sunderland, 16-9-0; 4 S Pickard, Otley, 10-15-0; 5 N Nicholson, Browning Quaker, 10-2-0; 6 P Stephenson, Yarm, 9-15-0.
Teams: Daiwa Cleveland, 39-11-0; 2 Browning Quaker, 35-13-8;3 Otley, 25-7-0.
Mill House Fisheries
Mescar Lake (22 pegs)
Ken Dooley switched between a method feeder and straight 9m pole to finish first on 59-0-0 from peg 49 after catching carp to 6lb on soft pellet.
Result: 1 K Dooley, Liverpool AS, 59-0-0; 2 P Gradwell, Liverpool AS, 38-6-0; 3 A Wilson, Mersey Dockers, 32-0-0; 4 S McGuffie, Wavertree, 30-10-0; 5 S McGuffie, Wavertree, 30-10-0; 6 A Bentley, Ray's Tackle, 22-8-0.
Northwich DAA
River Weaver, Willow Beds (32 pegs)
Keith Smith had a brace of bream for 8lb backed by skimmers for a level 16-0-0 from peg 74. He used a feeder with maggot and worm on the hook.
Result: 1 K Smith, Royton, 16-0-0; 2 I Morrison, Ted Carter Southport, 15-6-0; 3 T Kettle, Rudheath, 11-7-0; 4 A Insley, Vale Royal Angling, 10-1-0; 5 S Wilkinson, Dave's of Middlewich, 9-4-0; 6 B Tatler, Macclesfield, 8-11-0.
Partridge Lakes
Covey Canal Lakes (54 pegs)
Manchester’s Andy Bennett is sizzling and won again at Partridge with 105-8-0 off peg 54 on the canal. He stayed short with 3m pole to catch F1s, ide and small carp on white maggot.
Result: 1 A Bennett, Fox Match/Bag 'Em Baits, 105-8-0; 2 J Kenning, Goole, 80-11-0; 3 S Parry, Dynamite Baits, 76-12-0; 4 A Rutherford, Maver Midlands, 74-2-0; 5 M Kay, Elton Tackle, 72-13-0; 6 C Barlow, Team Mosella Garbolino, 71-10-0.
St Helen's AA
Carr Mill Dam (31 pegs)
Peg eight on the main bank is the hot-spot for the moment and groundbait wholesaler Lee Addy made full use of the draw to win with 30-16-0. His catch included skimmers and bream to 3lb taken on red maggot and an open-ended feeder.
Result: 1 L Addy, Drennan NW, 30-6-0; 2 G Rigby, St Helens, 26-10-0; 3 K Marsden, St Helens, 23-8-0; 4 D Rigby, St Helens, 21-8-0; 6 D Sixsmith, Drennan, 20-4-0; 6 S Fletcher, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 17-4-0.
Thornaby AA September Cup
River Tees (41 pegs)
Darlington's Steve Chantry made it an unbelievable five victories on the middle Tees this season the latest win came from unfancied peg 40 at Pybus Hole. Starting off on the stick float and then switching to the whip at 7m he took quality dace on the caster over groundbait for 18-4-0. Darlington’s Mal Clitheroe was on peg 31 on the islandside and fished the whip at 6m with caster and hemp tempting quality dace backed by three grayling for 16-3-0.
Result: 1 S Chantry, Darlington, 18-4-0; 2 M Clitheroe, Darlington, 16-3-0; 3 R Newton, Yarm, 13-8-0; 4 A Harbottle, Darlington, 12-7-0; 5 B Trees, Darlington, 11-6-0; 6 B Stephenson, Darlington,11-0-0.
Woodland Lakes
Partridge & Skylark Lakes (30 pegs)
Fresh from midweek victory Woodlands, Mr consistent Luke Hawksworth did it again come Saturday’s open recording a comfortable 116-4-0. Fishing Partridge Lake peg 5, Luke spent most of the match on the Method feeder and pellet netting carp but a switch to pole and pellet at 8m down the side produced some big fish, nine lumps, best an 11lb common.
On Skylark 2, it was method feeder to the boards all match for Davy Hudson of Woodland Tackle who tempted carp upto 8-0-0 on the pellet for 88-4-0.
Result: 1 L Hawksworth, Cleveland Angling Centre, 116-4-0; 2 D Hudson, Woodland Tackle, 88-4-0; 3 S Warner, Keighley, 76-10-0; 4 S Richards, Team Woodland White, 71-15-0; 5 D Cain, Cornwall, 71-5-0.
Oaks Lakes
Cedar Lake (19 pegs)
Result: 1 J Chapman, Garbolino Elton, 81-12-0; 2 A Hampson, The Oaks, 79-13-0; 3 P Whale, Woodland Tackle, 78-13-0; 4 C Hall, The Oaks, 68-14-0.
Oaks Lakes
Ash, Beech & Sycamore Lakes (19 pegs)
Result: 1 P Sellars, Garbolino Elton, 95-11-0; 2 A Hampson, The Oaks, 93-10-0; 3 C Kendall, Y'Anglers, 91-13-0; 4 D Phillips, The Oaks, 79-5-0.
Woodland Lakes (Weds)
Partridge & Skylark Lakes (27 pegs)
Result: 1 L Hawksworth, Cleveland Angling Centre, 139-0-0; 2 B Armstrong, Browning Quaker, 121-2-0; 3 A Dargue, Browning Quaker, 119-0-0; 4 M Buttell, Woodland Tackle, 117-8-0.
Wigan DAA
Leeds-Liverpool Canal, Wigan Stadium (25 pegs)
Result: 1 C Birchall, Sam's Tackle & Bait, 7-4-0; 2 D Massey, Sam's Tackle & Bait, 5-10-0; 3 S Wilson, Ted Carter Preston, 4-15-8; 4 N Watson, Hindley MG, 4-3-0.

Bradford No1 AA Hirst Cup
Raskelf Lake (40 pegs)
Result: 1 A Fox, Bradford No1, 31-3-0; 2 J Walsh, Bradford No1, 29-6-0; 3 E Wright, 27-13-0; 4 J Vickerman, Bradford No1, 26-8-0; 5 B Newby, Bradford No1, 26-6-0; 6 G Jackson, Bradford No1, 26-2-0.
Yarm AL Tees Championship
River Tees, Yarm (56 pegs)
Browning Quaker’s Louie McIntosh made it two successive Yarm victories lifting the Tees Champs on a windswept river with 24-13-0.
Drawing opposite Whitehouse Farm on peg 180, Louie was on the feeder down the middle and took six bream, five skimmers and a few eels.
Runner up spot went to Cleveland Angling Centre’s Geoff Douglas who was on peg 149 and worked the feeder again down the middle, alternating worm and red maggot for four bream plus several skimmers to the 1lb mark for 18-15-0.
Result: 1 L McIntosh, Browning Quaker, 24-13-0; 2 G Douglas, Cleveland Angling Centre, 18-15-0; 3 C Devlin, Woodland Tackle, 18-6-0; 4 D Fox, Maver Newman Scott, 12-13-0; 5 C Wilberforce, Billingham, 12-7-0; 6 A Hamilton, Woodland Tackle, 11-9-0.
Ripon Piscatorials Navigation Cup
River Ure, Hutton Beck - Hewick (28 pegs)
The Ure was a foot above normal but carrying a peaty stain and only the top two managed to crack double figures.
Ripon’s Nathan Proctor on peg 8 on the gravel bend used the feeder and bread to good effect netting seven quality chub for 25-3-0.
Next in the frame, another local rod John Taylor who also opted for the feeder but preferred caster on the hook and collected six smaller chub off peg 47 for a level 19-0-0.
Result: 1 N Proctor, Ripon, 25-3-0; 2 J Taylor, Ripon, 19-0-0; 3 N Smith, Aireborough, 8-8-0; 4 P Wood, Aireborough, 7-6-0; jt 5 J Martin, Leeds, & B Higgins, Pontefract, 5-12-0.

Bannister House Fisheries (Sun)
Match Canal (38 pegs)
This was good fishing around the canal and John Vernon was pleased with his mixed net of carp, chub 5lb and four 5lb bream off peg 21. Fishing with just the top two sections of his pole and using soft pellet on the hook gave him a 113-4-0 total.
Result: 1 J Vernon, Gilder's Tackle, 113-4-0; P Bottomley, Coppull Angling Centre, 111-8-0; 3 M Halliwell, JR Tackle Southport, 106-3-0; 4 L Redman, Ray's Tackle Liverpool, 78-8-0; 5 K Brown, Wigan Angling Centre, 57-12-0; 6 N Charnock, Bannister House, 55-0-0.

Blundell’s Fishery (Sun)
Roving match (34 pegs)
Birkenhead matchman Barry Bush had a great day after deciding to fish from peg 27 on Trio Pond. He opted for soft pellet up in the water at seven metre and found small carp to 2lb right away and eventually amassed a cracking 153-7-0.
Result: 1 B Bush, North West Worms, 153-7-0; 2 C Fletcher, Chester Tackle Locker, 137-0-0; 3 J Kerwin, Fisherman's Way Bury, 134-11-0; 4 A Grimes, Mosella, 127-3-0; 5 L Thornton, Bagem Baits, 121-6-0; 6 J Hughes, Maver/Bag'em Baits, 98-13-0.

Bradshaw Hall Fisheries (Sun)
Lake Eight (21 pegs)
Result: 1 R Friendly, Manchester, 45-0-0; 2 R Baker, Bolton, 38-8-0; 3 R Holt, Sensas NW, 28-10-0; 4 G Garbett, 19-14-0; 5 M Booth, Tri-Cast Highfield, 19-0-0; 6 K Entwistle, Bolton, 17-14-0.

Brookside Fisheries (Sun)
Snake & Willow (37 pegs)
Paul Jones knows knows the canal inside out and when he drew peg 14 he targeted the ide with caster for an estimated 18lb and the rest were carp to 1lb on soft pellet, both on a 15m pole.
Result: 1 P Jones, Bait-Tech, 68-14-0; 2 Steve Conroy, Drennan NW, 68-4-0; 3 J Jones, Garbolino Elton, 63-6-0; 4 N Butterworth, Cheshire Angling, 62-12-0; 5 J Battersby, Garbolino Elton, 61-8-0; 6 A Butler, Mosella, 60-0-0.

Highfield Fisheries (Sun)
Ash Lake (20 pegs)
Blustery weather encouraged Mike Reed (Garbolino Elton) to stay short with a 3m pole on peg three where he scored 108-8-0 of small carp on soft pellet.
Result: 1 M Reed, Garbolino Elton, 108-8-0; 2 S Kennedy, Ted Carter's Preston, 76-10-0; 3 D Ryan, Highfield, 61-6-0; 4 B Watson, Ted Carter's Preston, 60-14-0.



Liverpool & District AA (Sun)
Leeds-Liverpool Canal at Pilling Lane (22 pegs)
Result: 1 A Molyneux, Liverpool AS, 7-1-0; 2 P Charnock, Mersey Dockers, 4-2-0; 3 R Coombs, Mersey Dockers, 3-13-0; 4 J Mutch, Liverpool, 3-11-0.

Meadow View Fisheries (Sun)
Lark Pool (22 pegs)
There were a couple of 10lb carp in the winning catch from Rick Salmon and they fell to pellet on a 4m pole along the edge of the bank at peg two.
Result: 1 R Salmon, Meadow View, 75-2-0; 2 K Loose, Ryder Brow, 54-10-0; 3 M Thompson, Trafford Angling, 46-4-0; 4 P Ledgerton, Widnes, 41-10-0; 5 B Davies, Deeside Tackle, 38-10-0; 6 D Matthews, Warrington, 30-4-0.

Northwich winter league (Rnd 1)
River Weaver at Hartford (25 pegs)
Result: 1 B Bull, Rudheath, 23-4-0; 2 P Watson, Ted Carter's Southport, 17-0-0; 3 R Fraser, Vale Royal Angling, 15-2-0; 4 A Insley, Vale Royal Angling, 13-15-0; 5 A Hamlet, Dave's Middlewich, 11-12-0; 6 P Wakefield, Gloworms, 10-9-0. Teams: 1 Ted Carter's Southport 27; 2 Vale Royal Angling 25: 3 Rudheath 22; 4 Dave's Middlewich 18.

Partridge Lakes (Sun)
Covey Canal (84)
White maggot is catching a lot of fish on Covey Canal and it’s what Dave Pimblott put on the hook to get first place with 62-12-0. Dave worked with an 11m pole along the far shelf and finished with a mixed net of carp, ide and F1s for a bonus £140 pools payout.
Result: 1 D Pimblott, Garbolino Elton, 62-12-0; 2 A Bennett, Fox/Bag'em Baits, 61-4-0; 3 R Pelling, Tri-Cast Rochdale, 59-4-0; 4 S Beswick, North West Worms, 55-5-0; 5 S Knowles, Sensas NW, 51-8-0; 6 C Scott, Garbolino Elton, 47-9-0.

Rosemary Wood Fisheries (Sun)
Moss Lake (23 pegs)
Result: 1 S Parry, Fazakerley, 42-4-0; 2 P Dewhurst, Ted Carter's Preston, 41-4-0; 3 K Rothwell, Burscough Angling Supplies, 38-5-0; 4 M Woolvine, Ted Carter's Southport, 34-8-0; 5 W Pennington, Ted Carter's Preston, 32-10-0; 6 D Cheetham, Ted Carter's Preston,