New In-Destruct range of rods available - only £30 each!

If you are looking for an unbreakable float, feeder or carp rod you really ought to check out the fantastic new range of In-Destruct rods.

For float fishing on stillwaters there are few rods which can match the action, power, and value of the new In-Destruct-X 12ft Waggler rod.

Billed as ‘unbreakable’, the rod has impressive levels of power for casting and playing big fish back to the net.

But this rod isn’t a ‘poker’, the unique blank has a lovely through action which just keeps on bending, meaning you can get away with using lighter mainlines and hooklengths and therefore improving your presentation.

Ideal for pellet waggler, this rod will also find favour with anglers fishing down the near shelf or in the margins, but will also blast a fine tipped peacock float into deeper water too.

The new In-Destruct-X rod range is a trio of rods perfect for commercials and carp waters.

The use of radical, non-lockup blanks mean these rods just keep going and in any normal fishing situations they’re more than a match for any day ticket carp, big river bream, or stillwater tench.

New handles, tough eyes, and up-rated reel seats allow you to pile on the pressure and the powerful through action of the rods enable you to cast long, and play big fish without the worry of getting broken – perfect for bagging tactics.


In-Destruct-X 12ft Carp
RRP £149.99 Offer £30 + £5.95 p&p

In-Destruct-X 12ft Feeder
£149.99 Offer £30 + £5.95 p&p

All these rods can be found in our huge online fishing tackle Offers shop.