New Dynamite Baits boilie produces 41lb 2oz mirror

This 41lb 2oz mirror carp known as 4.3 was caught by Ricky Preston during a 48 hour session on Suffolk Water Park’s Specimen Lake.

The 20-year-old Ipswich-based rod targeted a far margin reed line at 110yds range which he baited with 1kg of Dynamite Baits Spicy Peanut boilies. He then offered a snowman hookbait presentation over the top on a 20lb Korda Supernatural hooklink and a size 6 Korda Kurv Shank hook.

He said: “I saw a couple of fish show close to my spot and then half an hour later it tore off. It weeded me up for 10 minutes at one point, but by keeping the pressure on I managed to get it free and moving again.”