Mystery of Trent fish ID resolved!

The mysterious-looking 6lb 4oz fish caught by angler Pete McKay from the River Trent is not a chub, as many believed, but a huge orfe!

The Sheffield-based 67-year-old banked the specimen during a day trip to a tidal section of the River Trent, and was told by fellow anglers on the bank that the hard-fighting fish was an ide, a very close relation to the orfe.

He sought clarification from Angling Times, and we sent the pictures to a fish ID specialist at the government body, who replied:

“The photographed fish is an orfe. The important information from the fins is hidden from view, but the lateral line count and curve, the mouth and head all point to it being an orfe.”

The fish fell to a maggot feeder approach during a barbel fishing session and, according to Pete ‘fought like a barbel’, even though he was using 8lb reel line straight through to a size 14 Super Spade.