Monster tarpon on the Keys

Imagine casting to a 5foot long glimmering tarpon in just a few feet of clear water before it turns to engulf the bait and powers away leaving you clinging on to your rod during the fight of your life.

British carp angler Jim Foster knows exactly what it’s like, after hooking into this monster specimen while in the Florida Keys with tarpon expert Jim O’Donnell.

Estimated to weigh between 120 and 130lb, the fish took over an hour to beat, towing the boat nearly three quarters of a mile as it fought.

One of five tarpon over 100lb landed by the angler over a five day trip to the states the bait that scored the big fish was live blue crab fished using the new Fox Sport Fishing range Tarpon rod, Diablo reel and 30lb braid.

For more information on fishing for this amazing species check out Jim’s website