Monster river carp

Rumours are circulating of a hat-trick of giant river carp as the new season kicks off in style.

Fish in excess of 40lb are believed to have been landed from the River Wye and Norfolk’s Relief Channel.

And a 36-pounder is understood to have come to the rod of former Angling Times tackle tester Jonathon Taylor, whilst testing new Dynamite Baits boilies.

Angling Times editor Richard Lee said: “There have been a lot of anglers on the banks since June 16 and it is a clear sign that the UKs fishermen still appreciate the value of ‘wild’ stock.

“Big carp have been in our rivers for some time but it is only fairly recently that any amount of carpers have actually invested time into prebaiting. Those who are putting in the effort are certainly getting their rewards. These latest captures are truly spectacular.”