Monery on the money with 45lb carp

This 45lb 4oz mirror was caught by Myland Monery during a 24 hour session on Walthamstow Reservoir No.2.

The impressive specimen was caught by the 33-year-old complex ranger from a spot at 40yds range which he’d been baiting over the last few weeks with Fishing Wizard Kudos boilies.

He then offered a snowman presentation and received a small drop back bite just after midnight.

The fish smashed his old pb of 34lb 12oz and was beaten with a 6ins Korda N-Trap hooklink and a size 8 Nash Fang X hook on a helicopter set-up with a 2oz lead.

Fishing is normally restricted to days only at Walthamstow, but 24 hour sessions are available on July 2 and July 16 for £25.

For more info and a list of dates over the rest of the year call: 07747 641179