Mega tench haul for Stagg

Specimen ace Alan Stagg was left exhausted on a recent session while waiting for his target species to get on the feed, after bagging over 150lbs worth of tench in just a few hours.

Looking to land the big rudd of Surrey’s Frensham Great Pond, the Gardner-backed rod passed the time before the golden specimens got their heads down by landed over 45 fish between 3 and 6lb 8oz.

“It was great fun but frantic,” said Alan. “There was a spell where I just couldn’t keep two rods in the water at the same time, the tench just went mad. I got through 5litres of hemp and corn to keep the shoal in my swim. It was a great way to stay busy before the rudd came on the feed as the sun went down.”

All the fish fell to double white maggot popped up 3inches off the lake bed, fished over a bed of Sonubaits hemp, 2mm Spellets and dead maggots using feeder tactics with a short hooklink. The maggots were flavoured with Sonubaits Supercrush Green liquid.