Maver Match This qualifier results from Woodlands View - 2nd July

On a very hot day after a poor batch of results over the past week due to spawning and high air pressure, the quality of the fifty one anglers fishing for the Maver "Match This" final soon became apparent during this latest qualifier.

Fishing started off slow, but during the closing two hours of the match, the fish really switched on and everyone began to catch a lot of fish with anglers also pulling out of fish and being broken! In fact, the top evelen anglers all managed over 100lb of fish on what has to be regarded as the best sport enjoyed on a Maver "Match This" qualifier so far.

Winner on the day was Mosella sponsored Chris Hill with 156-14-00 from peg 64 on Deans lake. Fishing at thirteen metres, Chris opted for 8mm and 11mm pellet to take mainly carp and qualify for the Grand final on August 20th.

It was second time lucky for Kevin Slade (Bilston Angling) having already qualified for the Maver Pole Championships at Woodlands View during the first "Match This" qualifier. Fishing from peg 58 on Deans lake, Kevin used both 8mm and 6mm pellet at five metres and down the inside taking mainly carp for a fine 148-00-00.

Finishing in third place on the day, and narrowly missing out on a final qualification place, was venue regular Chris Bradney. Opting for an out and out pellet approach both on the pole at distance and in the margins and up in the water on the pellet waggler, Chris chopped and changed to keep fish coming to the net to put 143-08-00 on the scales at the end of the day - just 4lbs 8oz short of second place and a "Match This" runner's-up final placing.


Woodlands View, 2nd July, 2011

Chris Hill (Mosella)     
Kevin Slade (Bilston Angling)
Chris Bradney (Woodlands)
Klaus Fix (Nuneaton)
Kieron Rich (Daiwa)
Jamie Wilde (Hydro / Dynamite Baits)
Shaun McCarthy (Wales)
Nathan Watson (Peg One)                          


64 (Deans)
58 (Deans)
14 (Hay)
13 (Hay)
8 (Barley)
3 (Hay)
54 (Deans)
21 (Barley)