Match This qualifier results - Lindholme Lakes and Barford Lakes

Despite the rain and low air pressure, a good days fishing was had by all on this latest Maver "Match This" qualifier at Lindholme Lakes. Fifty four anglers attended, all of whom were hoping to manage to a top five finish.

Winner on the day was Mark Jones (Willis Worms). Mark drew well drawing in-form peg 74 on Bonsai. Mark opted for a chopped worm and caster approach at 16m towards the far muddy bank and enjoyed a fantastic days sport finishing with 93 carp up to 3lbs for a total of 147-15-00, thus securing his place in the big money final.

Second place went to Middy's Ben Fisk. Ben enjoyed a great days fishing from peg 44 on Bonsai with 113-14-00 of carp all caught on maggot fished shallow. He now also joins the fifteen other anglers that have earned their place in the runner's-up final to date on 20th August.

Nick Speed (Dynamite Baits / Barnsley Ultimate) finished in third place narrowly missing out on a final qualification spot with 89-09-00 of small carp from peg 15 on pole fished luncheon meat.

Lindholme Lakes results, 18th June 2011

Mark Jones (Willis Worms)
Ben Fisk (Middy)
Nick Speed (Dynamite Baits / Barnsley Ultimate)
Mark Rodgers (Grimsby)
Adam Wakelin (Preston)
Lee Thornton (Bag 'Em Baits)    
Franek Staniuszko
Oliver Scotthorne
74 (Bonsai)
44 (Bonsai)
15 (Bonsai)
72 (Bonsai)
78 (Bonsai)
81 (Bonsai)
67 (Bonsai)
38 (Bonsai)


Thirty four anglers attended this latest "Match This" qualifier at Barford Lakes.

Winner on the day was Browning Hot Rods angler Andy Leathers on peg 26 of the Match lake. Opting for pole and pellet fished shallow at 16 metres, Andy enjoyed some sport early on with small carp, but the action was short-lived so switched to his inside line with sweetcorn fished on the deck to pick off a better stamp of fish with individuals up to 10lbs. Andy finished the match with 82-11-00 and books his place in the grand final.

Second place on the day went to Simon Wheeler (Daiwa) from peg 5 on the Match lake. Like Andy, Simon fished the long pole with banded pellet at 16 metres loose feeding pellet over the top. Sport was a little more consistent for Simon with fish averaging between 6-7lbs, but later switched to the margins using sweetcorn to tempt a couple of larger carp to finish the match with 77-04-00.

In third place, and securing his place in the Maver Pole Championships was Lewis Murawski (Angler's World) from peg 17 on Pleasure lake with 61-10-00.

Barford Lakes results, 19th June 2011

Andy Leathers (Browning Hot Rods)
Simon Wheeler (Daiwa) 
Lewis Murawski (Angler's World) 
Kieron Rich (Daiwa)
Matt Wildes (Attleborough) 
Alan Tuck (Dynamite Baits) 
Stewart Bracey (Dynamite Baits) 
Dave Reece (Got Baits)     


26 (Match lake)
5 (Match lake)
17 (Pleasure lake)
3 (Match lake)
31 (Pleasure lake)
15 (Match lake)
30 (Pleasure lake)
24 (Match lake)