Margin spot produces 45lb 12oz mirror

Mark ‘Spike’ Harrison has caught his eleventh UK forty and a new personal best with this cracking 45lb 12oz from an undisclosed venue.

The Northants-based Richworth consultant had been pre-baiting a marginal swim for a couple of days with just over 2kg of Pineapple Hawaiian boilies.

“When I climbed the tree in the morning I could see there were three fish on the spot in 3ft of gin clear water,” he said. “I had seen the big mirror regularly visiting the spot over the previous days and
it had been taking a few baits. On the day, though, it was feeding really hard and I had the bite within 15 minutes.”

Mark mounted his hookbaits on 6ins Kryston Snakebite hooklinks and size 6 ESP hooks.