Man eater jumps into boat!

A three-metre long great white shark weighing well over 1,000lb gave scientists in South Africa the shock of their lives yesterday when it jumped into the boat they were working from!

The six crew members from Ocean Research — who had been ‘chumming’ the water around their boat to attract the creatures so that they could perform an inventory of numbers in the area - looked on in horror as the 500kg man-eater crashed on to the vessel and began thrashing around in panic.

Team leader Dorien Schroder said: "I heard a splash and saw a great white breach out of the water from one side of the boat hovering, literally, over a crew member on the port side."

After unsuccessfully trying to put a rope around the shark’s tail to pull it back into the water, the scientists were forced to return to the harbour at Mossel Bay, all the while pouring cold water over the creature’s gills to keep it alive.

It was eventually lifted back into the water with a small crane and swam off, apparently none the worse for its adventure.