London & South open match results

Back Arun (Sun)
Carp Lake (14 pegs)
Bruce Golding purred his way through the match and swept the field clear using cat meat on the pole at 10m to weigh in 188-12-0 of carp to 14lb and pulverise the field, Kevin Parker his nearest rival a country mile behind with 90-8-0!
Result: 1 B Golding, SAS Chichester, 188-12-0; 2 K Parker, Apollo Angling, 90-8-0; 3 G Marshall, Apollo Angling, 71-0-0; 4 D Rowden, Hansfords, 68-0-0; 5 P Romaniuk, Back Arun, 65-0-0; 6 J Money, Back Arun, 63-0-0.

Bury Hill Silverfish Only (Weds)
Old Lake (32 pegs)
A well contested event saw 32 anglers line up on the Old Lake with Adam Lee taking the honours from peg 1 using hair-rigged corn on the groundbait feeder to land bream to 4lb plus crucians to 2lb for his winning 61-1-0. Runner-up was Delcac’s Robbie Taylor who drew peg 41 on the long bank and also fished feeder and corn for 57-4-0 of mainly bream.
Result: 1 A Lee, Banstead, 61-1-0; 2 R Taylor, Preston Innovations Delcac, 57-4-0; 3 B Gibbons, Guildford Angling Centre, 53-6-0; 4 A Ryan, KC Angling, 46-9-0; 5 R Evans, NDP 10/Sticky Baits, 45-8-0; 6 G Vallance, Preston Innovations Delcac, 40-1-0.

Kent Superleague
Bough Beech Reservoir (56 pegs)
Bob Clampitt laid into a net of predominately skimmers and a few bream up to 2lb 8oz using hair-rigged corn on the groundbait feeder, his reward being a winning 30-15-0 from peg 10 and he needed every fish as just 13oz behind him was Terry Harrison, fishing for KC Angling. He also went down the feeder route with maggot and corn to fins bream to 3lb plus roach and skimmers, the same tactics working well for third-placed Geoff Vallance who took 20-12-0 to the scales.
Result: 1 B Clampitt, Banstead, 30-15-0; 2 T Harrison, KC Angling, 30-2-0; 3 G Vallance, Preston Innovations Delcac, 20-12-0; 4 S Clifford, Preston Innovations Delcac, 28-13-0; 5 R Taylor, Preston Innovations Delcac, 28-6-0; 6 P Hamlyn, Preston Innovations Delcac, 28-1-0.

Kent League Division One
Royal Military Canal, Aldergate (48 pegs)
Mark Richardson worked hard on his chopped worm line at 14m to take a large tench along with a mix of decent skimmers, roach and eels to weigh in 12-1-0 for his newly-formed Sensas SE side (formerly Monk F1) who also won the day to maintain their lead at the top. Mark’s net almost doubled that of runner-up Dave Roberts who was on end peg A1 where he also found a tench plus small roach and skimmers on worm and pinkie for 6-11-0.
Result: 1 M Richardson, Sensas SE, 12-1-0; 2 D Roberts, Advanced Pole Repairs, 6-11-0; 3 S Pugh, Iden Wood Fisheries, 6-8-8; 4 D Gladwin, Preston Innovations Delcac, 6-2-0; 5 J Morgan, Sensas SE, 5-1-0; 6 J Ford, Iden Wood Fisheries, 5-0-0.
Teams: 1 Sensas SE, 42pts; 2 Preston Innovations Delcac A, 34; Iden Wood Fisheries, 34; 4 Riverside AC, 31; 5Advanced Pole  Repairs, 29; 6 Cinque Ports AS, 2.8
League: 1 Sensas SE, Monk F1, 113pts; 2 Preston innovations Delcac A, 112; 3 Advanced Pole Repairs, 87; 4 Iden Wood Fisheries, 81; 5 Cinque Ports AS, 70; 6 Riverside AC, 65.

Lake John (Weds)
Top Lake (20 pegs)
This match made it two wins on the bounce for Paul Reddy and he is rapidly becoming THE venue expert at Laker John. Pole at 7m with corn over pellet saw him land a 10lb carp and lots of bream and tench to 4lb from peg 32 for his 146-0-0 return while Alec Roberts claimed second from peg 33 as a great last 90 minutes saw him put over 50lb in the net as he finished on 110-8-0.
Result: 1 P Reddy, Lake John, 146-0-0; 2 A Roberts, Middy/Lake John, 110-8-0; 3 M Hart, Princess Alexandra Hospital, 97-8-0; 4 M Parris, Lake John, 82-8-0; 5 C Bartlett, Lake John, 78-14-0; 6 R Mouratsing, Lake John, 78-0-0.

Oakfield Fishery (Sat)
Brook & Swallow Lakes (23 pegs)
A strong cross wind hampered Martin Stickley’s plan to fish long and shallow with meat and with only two hours left he was carpless! However, a change in conditions saw his plan A begin to work and a steady flow of fish to 7lb taken at 13m saw the Ernest Turner rod take the honours from the Brook Lake with 59-12-0 of fish to 4lb.
Result: 1 M Stickley, Ernest Turner, 59-12-0; 2 L Ripper, GOT Baits, 54-8-0; 3 I Edwards, Got Baits Oakfield, 51-3-0; 4 W Clarke, Ernest Turner, 50-0-0; 5 D Cullip, Garbolino Banbury Gunsmiths, 48-4-8; 6 J Price, Red Lion, 45-13-0.

Oakfield Fishery (Weds)
Swallow Lake (19 pegs)
Steve Johnson took the first win off peg 12 since the Beatles were last at number 1 – not a great peg to draw then! All credit to Steve who fished maggot shallow taking whatever came along with mainly carp to 8lb along with 19lb of mixed silvers making up his winning net.
Result: 1 S Johnson, Acorn Angling, 73-12-8; 2 N Bryan, The Matchmen, 61-8-0; 3 G Worrall, Got Baits Oakfield, 56-4-8; 4 G Underwood, Milton Keynes, 55-4-8; 5 D Stratful, Got Baits Oakfield, 50-8-8; 6 P Alland, Got Baits Oakfield, 40-13-8.

Ockendon Bait & Tackle (Sun)
Puddledock Farm (51 pegs)
This match was a runaway win for Graham Dack who levelled the field taking 45 carp to 5lb on cubed luncheon meat fished to the far bank at 14.5m before switching to the margins with corn late on to find a few bigger fish for his 114-4-0 return. Runner-up Eddy Feaver fished paste on his unshotted pole rig fished well overdepth down the middle to run Graham the closest, taking 82-4-0 of carp to 8lb to the scales.
Result: 1G Dack, Middy, 114-4-0; 2 E Feaver, Ockendon Bait & Tackle, 82-4-0; 3 J Bell, Ockenden Bait & Tackle, 76-6-0; 4 J Hunt, Brentwood Angling, 70-0-0; 5 S Mould, Ockenden Bait & Tackle Essex, 69-8-0; 6 G Rolfe, Ockenden Bait & Tackle, 68-8-0.

Redbridge Lakes (Sun)
Match Lake (17 pegs)
Mo and Sam Phung are having a field day at the moment taking it in turns to win, this time Mo topping the shop with a 25-12-0 bag of small carp, skimmers and tench on chopped worm and caster, brother Sam having to settle for third as Dave Paterson weighing in 23-12-0.
Result: 1 M Phung, Oakwood Angling, 25-12-0; 2 D Paterson, Redbridge, 23-12-0; 3S Phung, Oakwood Angling, 19-14-0; 4 B Stobart, Redbridge Lakes, 18-8-0; 5 G Bullock, Redbridge Lakes, 17-14-0; 6 J Hornsby, Redbridge, 16-4-0.

Redbridge Lakes (Sat)
Match Lake (15 pegs)
Sam Phung made it two Redbridge wins in a row in a close match that saw only ounces between the top weights, his 15-4-0 narrowly edging out Steve Arno’s 14-12-0 with Danny Cruse taking third on 14-4-0.
Result: 1 S Phung, Oakwood Angling, 15-4-0; 2 S Arno, Terrapins, 14-12-0; 3 D Cruse, Stort Valley AS, 14-4-0; 4 M Phung, Oakwood Angling, 13-4-0; 5 K Farrell, Lake John, 12-14-0; 6 M Burrell Redbridge, 9-14-0.

Redbridge Lakes (Weds)
Match Lake (19 pegs)
The two Phung Brothers will be sad this was the last of the Wednesday evening matches as they have framed in every one of them this time, finishing first and second this time round with Steve winning on 20-12-0 against his sibling’s 13-4-0.
Result; 1 S Phung, Oakwood Angling, 20-12-0; 2 M Phung, Oakwood Angling, 13-4-0; 3 I Groome, Redbridge Lakes, 10-12-0; 4 D Hunt, Redbridge, 9-12-0; 5 J Sims, Redbridge,  9-0-0.

Willow Park Fishery (Sat)
Small Lake (15 pegs)
This was a long-awaited win for Reg ‘The Edge’ Blenkinsop who fished from peg 28 for 38-12-0.
Reg had a mixed bag of fish including carp, bream, tench and crucians using the long pole down the edge, feeding corn at 14m and paste at 8m to take his win.
Result: 1 R Blenkinsop, Willow Park, 38-12-0; 2 C Love, Willow Park, 32-12-0; 3 A Blackwell, Browning Crowsports, 27-2-0; 4 D Steer, Willow Park, 25-6-0; 5 T Padden, Judd’s of Hillingdon, 23-12-0; 6 D Graves, Willow Park, 17-8-0.

Willow Park Fishery (Mon)
Middle Lake (18 pegs)
The Bank Holiday open was won by Dorking ace Mark Goddard with 55-8-0 from peg 21 where Mark fished at 16m using paste to net carp to 5lb plus a few skimmers and F1 hybrids to see off John Light’s second-best 51-4-0.
Result: 1 M Goddard, Daiwa Dorking, 55-8-0; 2 J Light, Oakwood Angling, 51-4-0; 3 M Hooper, Harefield Tackle, 50-10-0; 4 J Griffiths, Brewers Guildford, 35-10-0; 5 M Howes, Oakwood Angling, 30-8-0; 6 R Blenkinsop, Willow Park, 30-0-0.

Wylands International Angling Centre
Match Lake (18 pegs)
Most of the fish were caught on pellet and paste in this match, weights made up of skimmers and carp as a new section of the snake-type lake was used and Charlton Easter led the way with a level 133-0-0 of carp to 4lb plus silvers taken on pellet fished long to the far bank at 14m.
Result: 1 C Easter, Iden Wood, 133-0-0; 2 J Oliver, Wylands, 78-8-0; 3 J Mearns, Wylands, 73-10-0; 4 L Nightingale, Wylands, 66-12-0; 5 M Wells, Monks F1, 62-2-0; 6 D Calway, Wylands, 35-14-0.

Carps AC (Weds)
Plantation Main Lake (18 pegs)
Result: 1 L Palmer, Keynsham Angling, 152-6-0; 2 T Thick, Thatcher’s Tackle, 142-0-0; 3 M Owens, Sensas Thyers, 84-3-0; 4 J Smith, Carps AC, 71-3-0.

Greenridge Farm
Canals 1 & 2 (10 pegs)
Result: 1 J Walker, Walker Floats, 166-6-0; 2 G Boycott, Romsey Bait & Tackle, 153-1-0; 3 K Barry, New Milton AC, 137-8-0; 4 P Newman, Sonu Baits, 115-0-0; 5 A Potter, Dandys K2, 84-8-0; 6 D Rowden, Shakespeare Team Hansfords, 82-8-0. 

King’s Head
Rood Ashton (22 pegs)
Result: 1 L Palmer, Keynsham Angling, 73-2-0; 2 M Tanner, Carps AC, 64-7-0; 3 J Dyte, Barr’s Court, 63-0-0; 4 M Rayet, Maver Bathampton, 48-3-0.

Panshill Wood Fishery (Weds)
Wood Lake (13 pegs)
Result: 1 A Foulkes, Panshill Wood, 99-7-0; 2 M Wyatt, Panshill Wood, 81-2-0; 3 J Hohlweg, Panshill Wood, 80-0-0.

Panshill Wood Fishery (Sat)
Pans Lake (14 pegs)
Result: 1 B Morgan, Panshill Wood, 120-7-0; 2 R Guppy, Panshill Wood, 99-7-0; 3 S Davis, Panshill Wood, 72-2-0.

Panshill Wood Fishery (Sun)
Wood Lake (14 pegs)
Result: 1 C Timms, Panshill Wood, 82-1-0; 2 D Stratful, Panshill Wood, 64-4-0; 3 B Eddy, Panshill Wood, 60-15-0.

South West Super league (round six)
Bristol Avon, Newbridge (51 pegs)
Result: 1 S Nadin, Garbolino Blackmore Vale MG, 22-9-0; 2 S Priddle, Sensas Thyers, 17-2-0; 3 A Power, Preston Innovations Thatcher’s, 15-7-0; 4 P Stone, Daiwa Gordon League, 15-1-0.
Teams: 1 Sensas Thyers, 42pts; 2 Garbolino Blackmore Vale MG, 40; 3 Daiwa Gordon League, 39.

Stanborough Lakes (Thurs)
Welwyn Garden City (8 pegs)
Result: 1 J Stutley, Ampthill, 20-6-0; 2 M Ravenscroft, Old Hatfield Angling, 15-10-0; 3 J Weedon, Maver Image Van Den Eynde, 14-0-0.

Summerhayes Fisheries
Sellick’s Lake (23 pegs)
Result: 1 S Jackson, Garbolino, 57-7-0; 2 G Wickham, Summerhayes, 52-12-0; 3 R Gullick, Summerhayes, 48-8-0; 4 A Jones, Summerhayes, 30-2-0.

White Acres Gold Residents (Mon)
Twin Oaks & Acorn Lakes (23 pegs)
Result: 1 J Heath, Stoke-on-Trent Angling, 178-3-0; 2 T Oatley, Bolingey Lake, 175-12-0; 3 J Stepton, Ockenden Bait & Tackle, 161-1-0; 4 D Coss, Oakwood Angling, 96-2-0.

White Acres Silver Residents (Weds)
Twin Oaks & Acorn Lakes (23 pegs)
Result: 1 T Marlow, EPH DAS, 96-3-0; 2 S Worgan, Stroud AC, 89-8-0; 3 L Hughes, Monners AC, 85-0-0; 4 A Heath, Stoke-on-Trent, 84-12-0.

White Acres/Marukyu Baits Residents Rover (Thurs)
All lakes (63 pegs)
Result: 1 J Heath, Stoke-on-Trent, 230-9-0; 2 S Mellor, Team Trentside, 148-3-0; 3 A Heath, Stoke-on-Trent, 119-13-0; 4 J Stepton, Ockenden Bait & Tackle, 107-0-0.











Kent League Division Two
Orchard Place Farm (54 Pegs)
1.Deam Lock 114-6-0 Garbolino Apollo; 2. Ian Manning 94.12-0 Garbolino Apollo; 3.Dave Sandford
Garbolino Apollo; 4. Stuart Atkinson 91-4-0 Blean Angling; 5.Nigel Stanley 85-14-0 Tonbridge Cardinals;  6.Phil Edwards 85-5-0 Tonbridge cardinals; 7. John Warman 81-4-0 Blean Angling
8. Ian Harrington 79-2-0 Tonbridge Cardinals.

Team places:   Blean Anglers 45; 2.Grbolino Apollo 44; 3 Tonbridge Cardinals 4; Terrapins 37;
Sport 1 33;  joint 6 NDP 10 (B) and Moatrix 21

League positions
Tonbridge Cdls 131; Blean Angling 112,  3.Sport One 109; 4. Terrapins 83; 5 Garbolino Apollo 82;
NDP 10 (A) 80