Live test - Daiwa's new match fishing reel series

There can’t be an angler in the country who wouldn’t want one of these on the butt of their float or feeder rod.

Daiwa’s stunning new TDM reel family consists of five popular sized models that deliver the quality, durability and reliability the brand has become legendary for.

The new range includes a 4000 sized reel that is the perfect tool for the heavy feeder and powerful float tactics that are commonly used at many commercial fisheries – and this will no doubt become a best-seller.

Featuring many tried-and-trusted Daiwa technologies such as Airbail, Twist Buster 2 and Diggigear as standard, the new reels also implement the use of the latest high-impact ‘HIP’  line clip that was originally only fitted to Daiwa’s most expensive Tournament carp reels.

The line safety aspect of the new clip should prove another major asset for today’s modern commercial match angler, who needs to constantly clip-up to achieve accuracy and repeat casting distances.

Winding power is in plentiful supply thanks to the geared-down ratio that is enhanced with six ball-bearings, two of which are the special CR ball-bearings.

The reels will be available in a choice of both single and double handles in the 2508 and 3012 models. The comprehensive range should cater for all matchfishing requirements.

My choice for a live test was the new double-handled TDM 3012 model that looks to be spot-on for most feeder and straight lead tactics. Using a twin-handled reel can work positively for you in two ways. Firstly, they do help to balance the reel eliminating any wobble or retrieval movement. Secondly, when setting a quivertip rod they allow you to tighten up perfectly without the slightest of reverse handle creep that can annoyingly cause the line slackening off slightly after every cast.

A short chubbing session on the River Nene with a bread feeder saw the TDM 3012 reel perform superbly, with the slightly slower 4.7:1 gear ratio being a real boon when retrieving a feeder set-up, proving to be just slow enough to stop any unnecessary hooklength spin-ups.  

The responsive front drag mechanism is easy to control even when under intense pressure while playing a very big chub, the finely calibrated settings allowing me to tighten up the clutch setting to precise levels.

With an RRP of £150, you are buying a piece of engineering that could well be a reel for life – that has to be money well spent.

How the TDM was conceived

Daiwa marketing manager Stephen McCaveny explains the thinking behind the TDM reels: “We have had amazing success with the TDR and TDX ranges, but we wanted to develop a choice that not only brought brilliant value but tapped into the important features of the predecessors.

“The new TDM range successfully brings all that together and more.  Designed to serve all styles used by match and pleasure anglers, including the beefier end of feeder work, they deliver superb winding power and feature the now must-have HIP High Impact Line Clip.

“Unique to the range is the 4012 feeder reel. It will eat up over 80cm on one handle turn and will be at home with 10lb mainlines. We have also provided a single and double-handle choice on the 2508 and 3012.”